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Hey there loves! So today I have a fun post. :) I am really loving lipsticks these days! That being said when I found out Influenster and Make Up For Ever were working together and I was going to be reviewing the lipsticks I was very excited so let's take a look!

The 3 lipsticks came in an all black box that was super nice and even had a Make Up For Ever sticker on the top! Just by the outside of the package I was loving it because I'm one of those who is all about nice packaging!

The inside had the Make Up For Ever logo print on the inside of the box, and the tissue paper layers were sealed with a Make Up For Ever sticker! I was opening with others around me and everyone was just super impressed with the packaging! Getting beauty mail is always fun, and when the packaging is extra nice it just makes the experience much more special wouldn't you say? :)

Here you can see the 2nd layer of tissue paper which is a red! Y'all will see it in the video I am going to include later in the post! ;)

The package came with a total of 3 lipsticks from the Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge line! The line contains 45 different colors with so many color options for the neutral lip color to some super bold statement colors! There is something for everyone. They first came out July 22nd onSephora's site and MUFA  (Make Up For Ever) site. Then just a few weeks ago, August 5th, these released in Sephora and they retail for $22! The line includes cremes and mattes, and have a creamy formula, and are supposed to be long lasting! (They are! 😉) 

Now here are the swatches! :) The top one is M401 and it's a matte. The middle one is C211 and is a creme. The bottom one is also a creme and it is C600. Below I am going to go over each color. 😊 The red is a really nice shade, and I am in love with the pink! It's so nice! Will gush about it later! 😉

First up is the red, which is M401 and is a matte. As I write this I am actually wearing it and oh my I love it! Last summer I loved a good red lip but everything I tried was too deep/dark or pulled a bit of orange but this one does not! It's the perfect red in my opinion! It's a true red wears really nicely! I am a bit pale, so it's a very bold color in me but I love it! I'm thinking tomorrow I may just base my outfit around this one so I can see if it works for a full day wear! 😉 Or just because I want an excuse to wear it! Haha!! I am loving how creamy it is.

Now the deep pink, which is C211 and is a creme. First off, I love this color, and well I just love everything about it! I've been wearing for the past 2 days and I am just so happy with it! It goes with everything. If y'all follow me on Snap chat you probably saw a sneak peek of it yesterday! I am just obsessed! I honestly forgot I even had lipstick on until I looked in a mirror because you just don't fell it. It feels so natural which I am impressed by for sure. Now this next part is going to sound, different, for the lack of a better description. For all of those who do have Snap Chat, do y'all remember the round sunglasses with the palm tree reflections, and the perfectly lined lip/lipstick?! Well this lipstick reminds me of that and I've been looking for that because I loved the lip look in that filter. Something about it was just perfect! It's not an exact dupe because I think this one has a hint more pink but it sure is close! Anyway, clearly y'all can tell I love this one!

Now we have a white, which is C600. Well when I first saw a white I was just a bit unsure honestly! I put it on first because I really just wasn't sure what to expect. I quickly learned that white is not my color at all, but I will say it had a nice formula. So for those of you interested in a white lipstick the quality of this one is really nice, it's just not right on me. 😊 Also just an FYI those little lines on the side of the lipstick were there when I opened it. 

Overall I am super impressed with the lipsticks by MUFE. The formulas were fabulous, wear time was great and well as y'all know I am already obsessed with C211! Now for soothing fun, I decided to paint the MUFE logo on my nails so let's check it out!

The red is Serendipity Big Red Bow, and the black is Serendipity Building my Empire! The art was all free handed! Even the lettering which was super scary to do but I am glad I gave it a try!

Well y'all that's if for this post! I hope y'all have enjoyed this post! I sure had a blast creating it and I've really enjoyed working on this different styled post. Very fun and refreshing. Let me know why y'all think below!

~25 Sweetpeas 

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


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