Waves in the Sea : Starbucks Inspired

Hey y'all, happy Monday! I am super excited for this post because I am super happy with how the nails turned out! Plus the inspiration is fun so let's get into this post so I can show y'all what I'm so happy with! ;)

Coffee Bag pic is from Starbucks Instagram

So on my Birthday last week I wanted to have a beach day and so I got to! Which was fabulous! :) Anyway... On our way we  picked up some Iced Coffee from the one and only Starbucks! While waiting in line I saw a new coffee for sale and the packaging (pictured above) was just SOOO cute! Love the sea inspired tribal wave with the pretty sky and the palm trees! It's just fabulous packaging and so of course I knew I had to find a pic and do nails to match! So that's what inspired this mani!

It was SOOO fun to do! I have found over the past so many weeks that I really really enjoy landscape manis! There is something just so satisfying about them, and when I finish one I am really proud of it more so than any other design really! Plus I think landscapes with so many colors are just fun! I was actually talking to my Nana this weekend and was saying how it's really neat when you are doing a mani like this and or a floral because you are doing so many steps and it just looks blah. Then with each little detail added it starts to look like something, and then the top coat makes it complete! It's a really neat thing to watch come together! 

I loved the fact the wave was outlined in silver be issue that is something I never would of thought to do if I had just been making something else. It's so unique and it really makes it! :) I really like it what do y'all think?

Here is the "official" posed photo! I think these may just go into my "personal fave" category! What do you guys think? Also who else just loves Starbucks packaging!! :D Haha!! It's like when your out of ideas, go to Starbucks! Lol!! Well I hope y'all have a fabulous Monday even though it may be the hardest day of the week! Also to all of those affected by the major flooding, I hope you all stay safe! Praying for all of those affected, I've been seeing it all over the weather channel and it's so sad.

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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