Fall Green Floral

Hey there guys! Hope you are having a nice day, today is a "Hurricane Day" for all of my area, things are closed and we are getting lots of rain. It's going to be an interesting wet day I do believe! Last night I spent my time working on a video!! Yes a video! It's been SOOO long so let's get into this post so y'all can see this video! 😊

I sat down to do my nails last night with now real ideas of what to do on my nails. I just knew I wanted to film and work on a video. It ended up turning into a gradation and a floral. 😊 Would y'all really expect anything less of me? Haha! Also realizing it is now September I decided to just do fall colors. I went with 2 greens by Serendipity Cash Flow Queen, and Mint Martini. They worked really nicely for the gradation. Which you guys can see in the video below! I'm currently working with new editing software so hopefully the videos will just start becoming better! To see how this mani came about you can watch the video below!

Still working on figuring out IMovie but I love how this all looked together. It came together really nicely in my opinion. What do y'all think?

Well that's it for this post! Now it is Friday so I do have a new chapter up on Wattpad today so if you are stuck indoors due to rain or just want something new to read you can check out the story I am working on right here. I hope you all have a great Friday and stay safe!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas 


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