Fall Color Scheme Tribal Nails

Hey there guys! So todays nails were a bit of a fail in my opinion honestly! I am actually referring to them as the "ugly nails" because I just do not like the color combo at all. Now you are probably wondering why in the world I did these colors in the first place so let me explain... Haha!!!

So why did I do these colors? Well I just decided I wanted to use this fun mustard-y color so I went with it and looked up color schemes for mustard yellow on Pinterest and found one that used marsala so I went with. For clothing color combos I could see this working for sure. Just not on nails for my personal preference. Hopefully you guys like it more than I do! Hahaha!!

The lovely base color is Takko Lacquer Rise and Grind which is lovely on its own. I should of done different colors and then maybe I would of liked these more but I wasn't thinking...

Well thats it for this "ugly nails" post! Haha! Ya'll will have to let me know what you think of this combo. I won't be surprised if you aren't a fan of the color combo. I ended up really liking the design but couldn't stand the colors so I took it off literally like 5 minutes after these photos, almost didn't picture them honestly. Yet like I said I did like the tribal look.

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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