Takko Lacquer Fall 2016 : Starships

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Hey there! Ah, I'm so happy its Friday. Just have to get through today and then I am in a serious need of some chill time. I really want to just sit and work on here, write in my book, and read another book that finally showed up that I've been looking forward to. Now how many more hours till the weekend?? Well the highlight of today for sure it this new Takko Lacquer. Seriously, I am in love with this polish.

Meet Starships, which just happens to be the most beautiful green holo/shifty polish ever. This polish is so fascinating. Its mainly green in photos and then at certain angles it has purple and a bit of teal and then holo, and some other lovely little micro flakies. Ah its just so pretty. 

I mean just look at that. There is so much to it. Its sparkly in many ways, with holo being one of those ways. Plus its a fabulous green for Fall and Winter. I can already tell this is going to be a new go-to when having to pick a polish to wear more than just a day. I can not wait to see it in direct sunlight.

Can you imagine? Ah, now I want to go outside. However as I write this its night time. Which I don't think moonlight will do much. Plus since the hurricane the mosquitoes have been terrible. So most likely I would get eaten alive.

Wasn't thinking I was going to share any solo macro pics but I just love this one. :)

Can you tell from the fact there are many more picture compared to normal that I really like this! Haha!!

So what do you all think of Starships!? I can't stop looking at it. Its mesmerizing for sure. :) Well I hope you like it as much as me, or even half as much because that would still be a lot! Hehehe! All of the info on how to get it is below! :)

All USA shoppers can preorder this polish on October 28th from 8:30 - 11:30 PM EST along with the rest of the Fall line that I'm sure ya'll will love! :) Hope ya'll have enjoyed this post! :)

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Happy Painting!

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