Takko Lacquer Physical Graffiti

Press Sample

Hey there everyone! Hope you are having a nice weekend so far, and hopefully you had a good Friday? This is the mani I actually had on yesterday and actually it was the only good thing in my day. Literally it was the highlight. You ever just have one of those days where one bad things happen right after another, well that was my yesterday. So ya I was not/ am not a fan of that. Hoping today will be better but who knows. Anyway, to take my mind off that lets check out this lovely new to me Takko! :)

So this is 2 coats of Physical Graffiti and its LOVELY!!! I am so glad Sheryl snuck it in, because its fabulous. Its an older Takko Lacquer that she posted a photo of a week or two ago and it just happened to show up with the Fall line this week! So thanks so much Sheryl! Oh and yes ya'll I did say FALL line!!! Tomorrow I will start posting it and I am so so excited to share it with ya because its lovely. :)

Now I don't know why but lately when I've been scrolling through my instagram I've been stopping on grey manis and have been loving then and then realized I didn't have any grey. (Until now) I used to have one from Essie but EVERY time I would use it I would end up waking up the next morning with a headache. It had a very strong scent and I think that was part of it so after testing that and checking my theory I just pitched it because it wasn't worth it. So now I am super excited to have this one because Takko has a very light scent in my opinion.

Well thats it for this post. I hope ya'll haven't been to bored with my little stories in this post. :) I am super excited about tomorrows post because its a brand new color, and there is some art too. So stay tuned to Takko Lacquers FALL 2016 line and release info which will be up at 9am tomorrow morning. :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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