Bestie Twin Nails | Present Edition + Tutorial

Hello there loves! How are you!? So today I am super excited about this post because there is just so   much going on in it! :) Its Christmas-y, its a bestie twin mani, AND there is a tutorial! 💕💕 Its been SUCH a long time since I have done a video so I'm excited probably the most about that. :)

Todays nails are inspired by a super cute print via Pinterest that Journailism found which you all will see later on in the post! :) Right now lets talk about what color is what! So the pink and the Mint are both by Serendipity Nail Polish. They are Mint Martini and Summer Sunnies. Also guess what?! I just found out that they are having free shipping for all of December. 😀🎄 How awesome is that! Plus their shipping is fast so if you need some good polish Christmas Presents I would check them out! They are high quality, reasonably priced, and they have some super fun sets. 😉 The white is OPI Alpine Snow and it can be found at various places but I will have to say HB Beauty Bar because its still $9 there and you can always use a discount. You can even use mine which is 25SWEATPEAS for 15% off your purchase.  If you are lucky to be near a Target they usually have it for $8 something, but most stores have raised it to $10 + and I don't know about you but I am always ok with saving money! 😊

The details of each nail was done with acrylic paint. For those of you who may be new to nail art or my blog in general here is probably the one tip that has been so helpful to me with nail art.... USE acrylic paint for details. Its SO nice to work with, plus you have more manipulation possibilities such as mixing your own shades or going for a water colored look. Plus it doesn't get goopy out when you are trying to work with it like nail polish does. So if you aren't having much lucky with nail polish for art you must try acrylic paint! I asked for some a few years ago when I was getting into art and it was such a good thing! I've been able to do SOO much more. 💖 Plus its easy to go out and get a certain color that you need because you can usually find them on sale at Michaels for less than a dollar. :)

Now here is the tutorial! It was so much fun to be working on a video again. I forgot how much I actually like working on these. I mean yeah sometimes things can get a bit frusfrating when editing but the finished product it always worth it. 😁 Hope you all liked it. Also please let me know what you prefer Voice Over or no voice over? I can never decide what to do, so I would love to know what you guys would like!

Now here is my Bestie Twin Nails with Journailism! She had been taking a break from nail art, but she is back now and I'm so happy to see her fun nail art again. Also glad we got to work together again! You can see above where we got the inspiration for presents on our nails! It was a fun look and  a pleasure to work with her again! 😊💜 Well thats it for today! Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did, also be sure to let me know your preference on the whole voice over vs no voice over. :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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