Christmas Eve 2016

Guys! Its Christmas EVE!!! I never know what to say on Christmas Eve tho! 😂🎄 Happy Christmas Eve sounds kinda odd, as does Merry Christmas Eve! LOL! Merry Christmas sounds so much better! 🎄🎉 LOL! So what do you all say on Christmas Eve, or do you not say anything? Hummmm....

Today I went with a Chalkboard Christmas look because I've never done one and really wanted to! :) It turned out pretty nice too! I used Serendipity Nail Polish Building My Empire, and then just a matte top coat. The majority of the art was free handed. They only thing that wasn't was the reindeer. That cutie was done with a Snail Vinyl. 🎄

So what do you all do on Christmas eve? We usually bake cookies, have a nice dinner, then go out and look at Christmas lights.🎄 After that we all get one present which is out "tradition" which is usually (always) PJS that way we wake up on Christmas morning in new PJS before we head downstairs for our stockings and presents! :) I feel like everyone is a kid on Christmas, and I think that is great! Well I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Christmas Eve and I will see you tomorrow! 🎄🎄

Merry / Happy Christmas Eve!

~25 Sweetpeas


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