Christmas Plaid Nail Art

Hello there! So I am starting to feel like I am only doing winter manis and not Christmas to an extent, and ummm Christmas sneaking up quickly so its time to get in some Christmas colored manis!!! Well I already have a few set to come out that will be festive designs but not your traditional colors already but besides those I'm gonna try and do RED and GREEN!💚🎄

Today I am actually super happy with my nails! I tried plaid for the first time and I am really loving it! I really want to put together a tutorial for this because I feel like there aren't many Christmas plaid nail art tutorials out there. So let me know if you want to know how to do these step by step! 😊

Needless to say I didn't really know what I was doing with these. I was kind of winging it, and yet I am really liking theme! Like a lot! It reminds me of a Christmas Tree skirt we used to use on one of our Christmas trees when we had 2 traditional trees. This year we are having 2 trees which I am SUPER excited about! One is normal Christmas colors with all of our hand made ornaments and such we've collected since we were little. Then the other one is gonna be a BEACH themed tree! So excited for that. We've wanted to do this for a super long time and we finally are so YAY!!!⛱

Polish wise... I am in love with this combo! Both of the polishes are by Serendipity Nail Polish! They are both one coaters too! The gold one is Glitzy Gold Champagne and the red is my go to red called Big Red Bow! Serendipity literally makes some of my favorite polishes! So if you are looking to treat yourself with some of their polishes, ya know so you have a good one coater to quickly put on pre Christmas outings, theirs are fabulous. Also if you are looking for a good Christmas present their polishes are a great idea!

Well thats it for today! Hope you all have enjoyed this post! Seems like I had more pictures than usual but hopefully you don't mind. 🎄😀 I am still really loving these!! Ahh well off to watch the Live Hairspray! I will talk to ya'll tomorrow! Oh and if you are confused as I am writing this on Wednesday 😂!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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