Digital Dozen | December Theme Day 2

Hello there! Hope you are having a nice day. :) Today I am super excited about my nails. Fun fact, these were actually what I had on for Black Friday! I kinda just saved them for this week since they were December like! :) So if these look a bit familiar, you may of seen them on Snapchat. :)

The basic concept it instead of stockings hanging off of the Christmas Garland, there are little Starbucks holiday drinks/lattes! I mean how cute right?! I got this idea off of one of their million cute gift cards you see in line when you are ordering! I mean how could I not turn something like this into a mani. :) I love the whole idea of it and think it goes with the December theme really well. Hot coffee is the best in December and the holiday drinks are out and totally put you in the Christmas spirit right!? :) I love it, oh and the red cup, a symbol that Christmas is near! Oh and I love how they did this years, so neat and the commercial is neat!

Now the base color I shared with ya'll a few weeks ago. Its Pretty Beautiful Eloise's Christmas. I actually got to name this one, which was neat. For some reason anytime I see a pink Christmas Polish I think of the Christmas Eloise movie/book. :) This polish really is great tho! I love it, just one coat and so so so so pretty. ;) Great twist for a Christmas color. Well thats it for todays post! Hopefully you all have enjoyed this look. You will have to check out everyone else's looks in the links below. Also for the fun of it, what is your fave holiday drink?

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. Cute Idea, Base is really really pretty.

  2. Love the idea! :) It makes me feel warm and cozy with a cup of hot cocoa (and i pretend it's coffee - so I look like an adult). haha

    1. Haha, Thanks you!! Both are good and sound good! Ah, I love a salted Carmel hot chocolate!


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