Happy Planner Spread | Using Recollections Creative Year Bright Stickers

 Hello, and Happy Monday! I know Mondays aren't people favorite day of the week but... My Favorite part of a Monday is starting a new week in my planner! I thought since the Happy Planner is such a big deal I thought I would share my spread for last week! So lets check it out!

So obviously the photos were taken before the week! I actually decorated last Sunday and took pictures after I decorated! 😊 Now I don't know about you guys but I am kinda particular about stickers. Now I love them so much, no doubt about that. However when I am setting up a week I like all of the stickers to be the same. Not like all the same color per say, because I mean there are a lot of colors going on up there! 😂 I just mean the same type of graphic/color intensity. So usually they are all from the same brand each week. This week I have gone with a sticker pack that is by recollections.

The are all the same colors, and intensity. The marble look was neat and I only chose it for last week because last Mondays nail art was actually a marble look! Anywhooo.... Here is a look at the different sticker packs I used!

Both of the packs are by Michaels Recollections brand. They are "Creative Year Bright" stickers! The pack you are seeing above this is the Washi pack! Its fun because they you already have perfectly matched Washi!  I did find a link for this if you are interested! In it you actually get 2 of each of these pages so you could probably get a good 4 weeks decorated with these and the next pack I will show you! Click here to see it in store.

Here is the 2nd pack! Again these also come with 2 of each of these pages! I bought a different pack and my mum got this one so we just split! So there is a great idea for you if you have a planner buddy! 😀 So with the amount I have left over from this week I will probably still have enough for another week as well! That being said.. If you keep the whole pack (of both) for yourself you probably have enough for 4 weeks of decorating. If you split both pack(of both) with a friend then you will have 2 weeks worth! 😊 Ok reading that back I realize the was a bit confusing but I hope you followed! 😂 You can find this sticker pack in stores here.

I really like the assortment of the stickers! Now they aren't perfectly sized for the Happy Planner, so you may have to do some trimming, but I still like it! Its fun and different! Also, just as a note... The pineapple thing on the side is just the page holder I am using with this spread! Its not to go with this really. It was just by accident! I have 3 I got from Michaels, the pineapple, flamingo, and succulents! They were just too cute! Also I'm so excited to have those cute work out stickers! I've never had any before so I was pretty excited! I put then on my Fitbit tracking box!

Well thats it guys! That is last week's spread before the week had actually begun! I love having things planned out early! Such a great feeling! :) I hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you would like to see more like this let me know. Also I am trying to use the Instagram Story feature more often for when I am planning. I love seeing other spreads that way, so I thought I would share. I hope you all have a fabulous Monday, and I will see you tomorrow!

Happy Planning!

~25 Sweetpeas


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