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Hey there loves! Today I am back with part two of the new Beauty & the Beast Collection.  I have recently received the Morgan Taylor Beauty & the Beast Collection inspired by the new movie coming out next month compliments of Morgan Taylor and the Preenmevip program. Plus I have art to go with so lets get going!

First up we have this LOVELY light pink. Its called Plumette with Excitement. First off how cute is that name! It made me smile when I read it for sure! 😊 I was a bit nervous about this pink honestly. Usually when I use a shade like this from a mainstream brand its really thin. However this was not! *Happy Dance* It had a lovely formula and only needed two coats! I loved it.

Also as I mentioned in the Part One post, the brushes are large and I love them! It made the application so nice. Plus I find that these big brushes allow for a crisper line around the cuticle. 👍

Next up is Days in the Sun. Out of all of the polishes from this collection I was the most hesitant about this one. Don't get me wrong its a pretty color, but I've never found a yellow polish I actually enjoyed wearing. That being said, I LOVE THIS! I was not excepting to, but Its gorgeous and is the perfect shade. I am really like it. Wow, I like a yellow polish! That is unheard of and so exciting! Eppp! 😀

The formula was great. 2 coats and it looked perfect! It even has a slight pink shimmer in it that you can see in the direct light. Its really just a lovely polish. So if you have never been a yellow polish person like me, you may want to give this one a go, it may convert you to liking yellow polish! Haha!😂

Now its time for the art portion of this post. I have 2 different art look today using both of the colors I swatched. Here we have a very simple floral using pink acrylic paint on top of Plumette with Excitement. It was super easy and yet has such a girly feel to it!

In the center of the flowers I added a small little dot of Enchanted Patina to bring in another color from the collection.

Lastly for today is this look! It is also my favorite look so far with this polishes. I wanted to capture Belle's dress, and the rose. So I tried to create the rose in its dome. Then I used the Yellow as the dress. There aren't too many upclose photos of the movie version of the dress, so I just used some gold and created little details. It looks like the bottom of the dress in the movie may have some sort of detail so I just went with some nice swirls. 😊 I am personally really happy with how this came out. Its probably my favorite look this week.

Well loves, that is it for today! I hope you have enjoyed this post. I really enjoyed creating all of these looks! I will have a part 3 coming soon with the remaining colors. Like I mentioned in the Part One, one of the polishes broke in Transit so I am waiting on that! 😊 Each of these polishes retail at $9. You can find all of the info on them here. Also if you missed Part One you can check it out here. This whole collection has been a lot of fun!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. Oh my gosh, I love that Beauty and the Beast inspired mani! That yellow is so perfect for it and the little touches of gold are lovely. :D

    1. Thank you SO SO MUCH! I was really happy with how that one came out! The gold part is my favorite part too!:)


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