Serendipity Nail Polish | $elfmade Babe Spring 2017 | GRL PWR

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 Hello and good morning! Today I am sharing one of the brand new Serendipity Nail Polishes that just released Friday night! 😊 Plus tonight is #nailchitchat so I thought it would be fun to have this go up on the same day!

This is GRL PWR from the brand new $elfmade Spring 2017 Collection! OH MY its just down right gorgeous! Its a one coater pink holo. I mean you can't beat a one coater holo, am I right? 😉 The Macro pictures where so fun to take. Especially the top one in the ones above! I had 2 that were just really neat, and I had a hard time picking what one to use!

Here is what it looks like on in my regular Ottlite lighting. I have a massive amount of pictures for this post so beware! Ha! Seriously tho, I even have FLASH photos, and I never use flash!

Lets just take a minute and look at that shift going on in the bottle here. Seriously isn't that just magical! I mean ahhhh just so pretty!

 Holo polishes are so FUN to wear and stare at, capturing their true magic on camera though is a bit tricky! So for today I went ahead and played with flash below. It made my fingers look weird and orange which is odd! Anywhooo lets look at them!

😍😍😍 Enough said right! 

Its really amazing! Plus I mean I can't get over the fact that it is ONE coat! This is just the first one of the new line and I'm already obsessed! You guys, this is gonna be that one spring line everyone needs I think! This holo retails in their shop for $12 and the cremes are $10, OR you can get all of them together for $30! All of the links you need are below! 😊


Well loves, thats it for today! Be sure to join Serendipity Nail Polish and I tonight for our #nailchitchat! 


Happy Sunday!

~25 Sweetpeas


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