Super Bowl 2017 Nails

 Hello there again! I am back for another post on this lovely Saturday! I know crazy right! Well I have decided to share my Super Bowl nails with you. 😊 I debated on doing them for a good amount of time. First I was going to do them, then I wasn't, and then I just did it! So I wanted to create something that would/could be team neutral. So even though I have done the logo of a certain theme, this mani would be great with out any team logo actually. So keep that in mind while looking at the mani! Also I thought I would share it today just in case you were planning on doing Super Bowl Nails tonight! Anywhoooo, lets check out the nails.

So this mani was actually a lot of fun! I freehanded it all and really enjoyed it! Although my neck did hurt a bit after that Falcon! 😂 I started with a grass green on all of my nails but my ring finger. That one I did a dark brown. The green I used was Zoya Tilda, and the brown was China Glaze Call of the Wild. Then I used acrylic paint for the details. The white lines are on the green nails to make it look like a football field, and then I used a shade lighter of a brown for dots to create the football. After that I then detailed the football. Now after that step you could be done! Don't have to do a team logo at all, and you can just have fun football themed nails. Now if you don't want just that then you add your teams logo. 😊 I have gone with the Atlanta Falcons, hopefully you can tell thats what it is! Hehe!! I did go and ask my brothers to double check it was right and they guessed it right! Even the one who is for the Patriots! Haha!!!

Well guys that is it for today! I hope you all have a great Super Bowl Sunday tomorrow! Be sure to tell me what your favorite part of the day is! I am thinking mine is the half time, and the snacks! LOL!!!😂😂

Happy Weekend!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. Super fun! I really love the texture behind the freehand football- it makes a neat layered look that is really fun!

    1. Thank you! I love that part as well! It makes it a little more fun!


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