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Good Morning! How is everyone? Hopefully you all have had a nice weekend. Today I am back with 2 more new Takko Lacquers that will be releasing on Friday! So lets get into it. I feel like I have been taking an excessive amount of photos for this collection but hopefully you all don't mind. :)

Here we have Amethyst. Its a lovely purple that is the same type of polishes you all saw on here yesterday. Its a bit of a jelly with holo, and shimmer. Its a bit tricky to explain, but its basically what you would called a scattered holo put with shimmer on top of that. Its just stunning.

This was two super easy to apply coats. Also incase you are new to Takko Lacquer, the polishes dry pretty quick so 2 coats really is easy.

It really is a lovely purple. It really is perfectly named too. I am really loving this Gem and Crystal Collection.

This photo came out funky for some reason but you can still see the holo and thats the important part right?!

Here we have Lace Onyx. Oh my... This is just gorgeous! Its the perfect scattered holo black. Plus it has gold glitters/shimmer in it as well that gives it a little something extra.

Its the same formula as Amethyst which only needed 2 coats. I love the fact all of these polishes are so consistent. So nice. Plus I love that its quick because if you are in the need of a quick mani and what gorgeous without a million+1 layers of polish this is perfect.

If any one here is familiar with ILNP and have ever used Harbour Island, that is a pretty good comparison in look wise. I think that one is 3 coats, but its the same "jelly" like base with more shimmer in it.

 Well that is it for today guys. I hope you have enjoyed all of these new beautiful polishes. I am basically obsessed with all of them. All USA shoppers can preorder this polish on March 3rd (this Friday!!!) from 7pm EST till midnight along with many more that I'm sure ya'll will love! :) To see the first ones I posted click HERE.

  Now to keep up with all things Takko Lacquer check them out here....


Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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