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Hello! How are you all doing!? I'm back with another new swatch! Once again its from the new INM Polish from their "Future of Polish" Collection inspired by the film "The Fifth Element". Todays is a fun periwinkle color! Lets check it out!

Meet Humanity, a gorgeous dust blue in some lighting and then others it looks like a periwinkle shade. It has a pearly finish in my opinion. The shimmer is so fine and looks "frosted" to the point where it looks like its a pearly finish.

The polish is a bit runny so you do have to be careful when applying to not get any pools on the edges. It needed 2 coats and that was it. I then topped it with an INM top coat and thats what you see! Its a really pretty color, and has a really nice look on the nail. No streaky issues and it was just really nice!

This beauty is out now! I will have a shop link below. :) Each polish is $3 which is really great for such great quality polish. Overall so far I am really happy with this line! I do have one more to go for tomorrow and then this weekend they will appear again! ;)

Well that is it for today! I hope you all have enjoyed this post! Let me know your thoughts on the polish in the comments below! Also fun fact, its National Puppy Day! So happy Puppy Day to all of those puppy owners! 

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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