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Hello, and good morning! Today I am back with another new INM Polish from their "Future of Polish" Collection inspired by the film "The Fifth Element". We've already seen a few so lets check out another one! Todays color is quite a happy shade! :)

Today we are looking at a shade names Survival of Earth. Survival of Earth is a really luscious green that totally reminds me of a bright spring day where everything is finally looking green. It even has a really nice golden/yellow shimmer throughout the polish.

The formula was a bit thin but it covered completely in 2 coats. I would consider it a bit streaky. Well maybe thats not the best way to put it. It applied nicely but you have to watch for brush strokes within the shimmer. I think you can notice a few spots on my nails where you can almost get a brush stroke vibe. Its not super noticeable tho, so it just depends on personal preference. There are some polishes where you notice it much more than you so in this one so I wouldn't consider it that bad. :)

This polish is actually out now! I will have a shop link below. :) Each polish is $3 which is really great for such great quality polish.  That all being said here is a sneak peek at what you will be seeing for the next few days!

Well that is it for today! I hope you all have enjoyed this post! Let me know your thoughts on the polish in the comments below!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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