Digital Dozen | Get to Know Me | Day 3

Hello! So I'm currently tying to figure out how to create a pretty "thumbnail" pic for each post. As most of you know this week I have redesigned the blog. Yet no matter what I did I realized I wasn't happy. Reason being is the photos I think honestly. So I'm in the midst of figuring it out! So bare with me please. Also if you have suggestions, let me know!

Anywhoo, moving on! This week is all about getting to know me, so today I have done one of my all time favorite type of manis! I love floral nails! Why? I honestly don't know. Its actually funny, because I'm not huge on flowers. Well let me restate that, I don't like bugs/bees that come with! Hehe!! However fake ones are great, as are ones you can pick up at Trader Joes, and Grocery stores. Weird I know! 😂

For this look I used NCLA Aquarius! Now I was just searching for it online so I could tell you where you can pick it up and I have found 2 Polishes by NCLA with that name. Its looking like this one is no longer available? Not sure but they do not have it listed on their website anymore. I picked it up this weekend actually. We were at Marshalls and I found it for $2! No way could I pass that up, plus this color!!! 😍 I was even prepared for it to be runny because of the type of color is it, but oh my! The formula was amazing! Seriously SO happy with this polish! I was SO impressed. Most polishes this color are at least 2 - 3 coats.

That all being said, you may want to go check out your local Marshalls, TJ Maxx, or TK Maxx (if you aren't in the USA).  Well guys, I hope you have enjoyed this post! I do plan on posting a swatch of this beauty soon! So stay tuned!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. These are stunning Sarah! The base is the perfect color to go with your flowers!

    1. Thank you so much! I am loving this base color and $2 you can't beat that knowing what it is normally! It was so pretty pre-art I was almost tempted to go without!

  2. These are so lovely! And I agree, floral manis are great :)

    1. Florals have to be my fave!
      Thank so much!
      Hope you are having a great Sunday!


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