Earth Day | 2017

Hello, and Happy Earth Day! So for as long as I have been blogging I have done Earth Day nails for the occasion. However most often I just make it about recycling, or a photo of the Earth. That all being said this year I am going for something different, which I am pretty pleased with, so lets go check it out!

So the other night I was searching Pinterest for ideas and came across this poster here. I thought it was really neat with all of the wave like details, and then with the words saying "Don't Trash our Ocean". So I went with it.

As you all know I love the ocean, and its so sad to see so much trash wash up on it, and those videos of the poor animals getting stuck in the trash. Just so so sad. Plus recently one of our more public beaches got trashed by Spring Breakers, which was sad to see, so it seemed fitting to make this Earth Day about the ocean.

Just think about all of those animals being harmed. Its so so sad. There is actually a thing called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch AKA Pacific Trash Vortex, and its a spot in the ocean where a whole bunch of trash has complied together, and is the size of Texas. You can read about it here, and see lots of sad photos when you do more research.

This mani was done completely in acrylic paint and was handprinted. The silver dolphins are actually little decals from a Snail Vinyls, vinyl. I actually used the dolphin vinyl on my thumb since its didn't fit with the words on my other nails. Ya'll can find the vinyl here. I thought it would be neat to feature dolphins in this manis because they are such neat animals. Love seeing the out in the intracoastal, the beach, and even in the river in our downtown!

As you may of guessed, the ladies and I in the Nail Art Squad have been super busy this past month. Hence why we weren't together for Easter. However a few of us got to do an Earth Day Mani! :) You can check them out below!

Love seeing others Earth Day manis! Well I hope you all have enjoyed this post, and maybe even learned something you didn't know! Be sure to come back tomorrow for a new swatch, and then this upcoming week I have some more new videos for you!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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