JulieG Nail Polish | Spring Pack 3 + Swatch Video

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Hello, and good morning! Today I am back sharing the last installment of these fabulous Spring Sets! I think this one actually may be my favorite but with out spoiling anything lets go check out the swatches!

Julie G Nail Polish Fierce & Fab

First up we have Fierce & Fab which is a Purple! Now I know on camera it looks a bit pink but in real life its more purple than pink for sure. Especially compared to the next color you will be seeing!

Julie G Nail Polish Fierce & Fab

The formula was fabulous, and only needed one coat! Yep you read that correctly. This super bold neon is one coat! Ha, thats like unheard of right? Well guess what? The rest of the polishes you are about to see are also all one coaters!

Julie G Nail Polish Oh Em Gee

Here we have Oh Em Gee, another super bright one coater! Its such a gorgeous hot pink! From a distance you can mistake it on your nails as a red but nope its just a very hot pink!

Julie G Nail Polish Oh Em Gee

I am so beyond impressed with the formula, it applied SO nicely, as you will see in the video that goes with todays post!

Julie G Nail Polish Cabana Boy

Last we have Cabana Boy. Oh, I don't know where to start with this one. It is hands down my favorite of all of the Julie G's I have now tried. To start off its a one coater, and thats amazing, The next thing is that its just such a gorgeous blue. Its not quite cobalt, its a bit dustier, yet still super bright, and bold.

Julie G Nail Polish Cabana Boy

Its also just so glossy and looks gorgeous on! I am still wearing it actually, and I think I put it on, on Sunday? So yeah thats a long time for me, I love to switch up colors, but there is just something about this one.

I did add a fun little design to is using Santorini from Pack 2. For the design I used a vinyl by Snail Vinyls.

Now its time for the swatch video!

You can find this set HERE on sale for $10. It will be on sale until May 31st, and if you aren't into all of them you can also get them individually as well. These polishes all retail at $3.99. You can get them online and in your local Rite Aid.

Well thats it for today! Hope you have enjoyed this post, and the video. If you have any questions let me know in the comments. The last set will be up on the blog later this week! So stay tuned....

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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