Moana Inspired Nail Art

Hello there! Happy Saturday 😀 so today as I'm sure you can already tell, I have Moana nails inspired by the latest Disney film! I recently watched it and am so surprised no polish company made a polish line to go with! The colors in that movie were amazing! Plus it could of had some fun name! Anywhoooo, on to the nails! Ha, can't get too off topic!

So early on this week I tweeted about having a Moana nail art idea, so I gave it a go after having the past two ideas work out. I wanted the ocean waves to kind of go with how the water split for her as a little girl and helped her. Then the tribal like print to go with the tattoos that told the story.

It didn't come out perfectly but after some time away from it I really like it. It was interesting to do for sure. The wave shape with done using a Snail Vinyls that is a wave. It was great for this look. Then the rest was free handed, and the waves even had some glitter added in.

The blue polish is China Glaze UV Meant to Be. I added all types of blue on top and even some white to try and make the wave more realistic. The rest was freehanded with acrylic paint!

Well guys that is it! I hope you all enjoyed these and hopefully you can see how they are Moana inspired. I wasn't sure at first but I showed them to my friends and that was the first thing they guessed so hopefully same goes for you!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas

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  1. Such a fun look! I still haven't seen the movie (I know, shame on me) but from all the artwork I have seen of it this looks spot on!

    1. Thank you! Its rare that I actually have seen the movie! Ha, I tend to trade movie time for nail painting time! Hehe!


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