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Beach Nail Art

Hello there and Happy Memorial Day! I know summer doesn't start until June 20th but I still feel like Memorial day is like the summer kick off day! The pools open, and the lifeguards become permanent on the the beach, so it seemed fitting to start off the week with a fun pool/beach themed mani!

Beach Nail Art

Now I know that there are probably a few of you who have already been frequenting the pool and the beach for those those of us in the correct areas, but now I feel like everyone is in that beach/pool season! Our pool here is open yearly as is the beach but just this past week have their been lifeguards on duty. So now its summer right!? :) So on my pinkie and index I went for a water look. It could be the beach or pool, and then a life preserver!

Beach Nail Art

Then opposite of the red I tried to get the beach/sea oats and the lifeguard chair! Nice to see the sea oats back there honestly. 😂 We usually see them but a lot of the sand dunes were ruined in the fall by the Hurricane but they are all slowly being put back! So since this is a beach/pool mani I have to ask which type of person are you? Pool or Beach!?

Lifeguard Nails

What I Used

Red Polish - Serendipity Nail Polish Big Red Bow
Blue Polish - OPI Suzi without a Paddle

Acrylic Paint
Berry Wine Brush
Paint Brush from Craft Store

For the watery nails I used multiple blue paints along with white on top of the OPI to create the water!

Summer Nails

Well that is it for today! I hope you all like this post and these nails as much as I do! Be sure to comment below if you are a beach or pool person! May just have to do MANY more beach/pool manis! :) I would have to say I am more of a beach person, depending on the tide tho! Love finding neat things and just walking really far out! Especially if its on an Island! Island days are my fave, and add in low tide! SO PERFECT!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. Your pinkie and index are awesome :) I'm starting to feel summer vibes ;)

  2. Oh my gosh. This is so cute and fun! Loving the lifeguard chair and life preservers!


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