May Things | 2017

These "Monthly Things" posts always start the same by me saying I can't believe such and such is ending, and still that rings true! We are getting to enter the half way through the year! How in the world is that possibly! This is crazy! So like in months past its time for a bit of a favorite things list from this past month so lets go check it out!

1. SO many amazing polishes came out this past month and I am just obsessed with so many. Currently loving the Summer in OC Collection by Serendipity Nail Polish. So many staple polishes in the collection. Plus that topper is amazing! Another one that stood out this month would have to be the thermal polishes Pretty Beautiful Unlimited put out in the Lost in a Book Collection! (The two polishes in the cover photo are from the new Serendipity Collection!)

2. As usual I have a certain playlist I have on repeat! This month was actually a pretty good music month. I am still LOVING the new COIN CD, How Will You Know If You Never Try. Plus the new R5 EP New Addictions is really good. Also I have to mention the new single Before You Exit just put out with Great Good Fine OK. I have been listening to Great Good Fine Ok for a few months so when they put out a song with one of may fave bands I was pretty excited. It'd called Find Yourself and its really good. So glad to see them doing music again. Its been quite awhile. I still hope for something a bit more upbeat from them soon tho! Also I have been listening to old music again from bands I used to listen too. Sometimes I miss that real band sound where you can hear the drums and guitar and such. A new artist I have really been liking would be Lauv, his new song I Like Me Better, is on repeat right now! LOVE! As normal I have put all of these + more in a playlist to share with you! :) *Long as you have a Spotify account (free or paid) you can listen to this list on shuffle! :)

3. Beach season is here guys! I couldn't be more happy about that! Now its time to clog my camera roll with beach pics! Tehehehe! 

4. TV shows are over..... So many good ones are over, over over too. Not happy about a few of them but long as Netflix has Hart of Dixie I guess I am ok. Really I only watch Baby Daddy, and all of the DC Comics shows. Baby Daddy was canceled so that is done. Then the DC comics obviously left us wanting more. *POSSIBLE SPOILER* Most unhappy with the Supergirl ending honestly. Monel is what made the show good, so I may just be done with that one!  😂

5. I really want to find a good, light, summer beach read. So many dis those kind of books, but honestly when I read I want to read something that will bring a smile and not overly stress you out you know! I am actually thinking of putting some of my faves into a blog post to share with you all. I have always been a "picky" reader according to my mom, but I bet there are others like me out there that are "picky" too! So if you have any suggestions that fit the description of light, fun, summery, and a beach read.. Let me know! Love books that take place in beach towns. I can't find enough like that, which is probably what led me to write my own.

6. Mentioning of writing my OWN guess what!? I am back to working on my book. In the fall it kind of just left behind but I have since gotten back into it and I am trying to put more on to Wattpad as well. If you saw it before it has had a bit of a makeover. Since it had been awhile, I decided to re-do the cover, and just have a bit of a fresh start! I am publishing a new chapter each week! You can always check it out in the book tab up top! 

7. I've really been loving Youtube lately! Not only have I been uploading a lot of my own videos but I have been watching more too. Some of my faves right now would be Kelli Marissa which I am sure you all know! Then another one would be Eleventh Gorgeous! Then of course I always love a new MoreZoella and Tanya Burr.  If you haven't already make sure you head over to my channel and subscribe! There is going to be a really fun tutorial up this week! 

8. Guys, if you are one who loves lemon you have to try these Lemon Lemonies! SO good! You must do the glaze as well, totally makes it! So yummy and summery!

9.  Defy & Inspire just came out with a new collection guys! If you aren't familiar with Defy & Inspire they are Targets polish, they are amazing! Seriously they are 5 free, and the have a gorgeous collection colors! I have a few of their core collection I believe and LOVE them!  So yeah totally trying to tell myself that I don't need any more neons. See there is this coral neon that also sparkles called Pop Rock Pink. I think thats the name, and its just gorgeous! 😍😍😍 But... I don't need it, I don't need it, I don't need it. Who am I kidding, yes I do!

Well guys, that is it for today! I hope you have enjoyed this post! I always like making these for some reason. Its like our one time to chat with out nails being the main focus, granted I just went on about polish but oh well! Guess you can tell I am a true polish lover! 😀💕

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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