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by - Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Defy And Inspire Bachelorette

 Hey there! So I want to take today and just have a little chatty catch up. The nails I am not 100% happy with but ya know we all have off days so lets chat about that!

Defy And Inspire Bachelorette

So you all know something we all just get busy and don't get a chance for our plans to work out. Like I had hoped to have a video up for you today but well the timing just wasn't working which is why you are seeing this instead. So as I mentioned at the start of the year I was going to not worry about having a post up everyday. I know that was a goal of last year, and I told myself I wasn't going to worry about that this year. However I have found myself getting back into the wanting new content everyday. Which is great, but I have found that I really like doing more videos for you.

Defy And Inspire Bachelorette

More videos then mean more time in the behind the scenes of it all, which I do enjoy weirdly enough. Then also after working on a bigger thing like a video I like to have it out there for a bit and just share it with you all rather then just move on to a new thing the next day. I have been giving those posts 2 full days and I love it honestly. Plus I think/hope you all like the videos. So that all being said, I may shift to every other day posting on here. It will allow for better content, and bigger things if that makes sense. :)

Defy And Inspire Bachelorette

More Dupes or Don't, more Paint With Me's and on! Plus It should allow for more lifestyle posts. Now as I say all of this I will be posting daily on here next week with the Digital Dozen, and all social media will be daily as always. It will be a slow transition really and actually will depend on certain release dates and such so there is actually a chance you won't even notice this switch up! Hahaha! Anywhoooo, I guess I should talk about these nails huh? Well I used Defy & Inspire Bachelorette. Then acrylic paint for the details. They were nails that didn't quite come out like I had envisioned, the polish needed to be swatches though for something you will see soon! :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas

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