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Beauty Big Bang Brushes

 Hello there! Today I have a nail art brush review to share with you! There is even a video for you guys to watch to see each brush in action. So lets get into the post so I can chat about these brushes!

So these brushes are from Beauty Big Bang and come in a set of 3. They handles are metal which I quite like. Wooden handles tend to get icky after a lot of use but these should stay nice. On the site it does say that these come with caps, however I did not find that to be true. The only think mine had on it were those little plastic sleeves that you see over just any new paint brush. 
Beauty Big Bang Brushes

Here is a bit of a look at them on paper. Now I did find them to be a big draggy on paper which is about right. I mean they aren't meant for paper so you will get a smoother line on the nail. The black handled one would have to be my favorite its short and thick which actually allowed for me to have more control of what it was doing and such. The others worked but you don't have nearly the same amount of control. So it all depends on what you are doing.

Black and White Nails

Here I have created a fast black and white look using the smallest brush. It went pretty well. The parts that look a bit wonky were actually caused by the top coat which I wasn't so thrilled about.... Anywhoooo, they brushes did seem to work well tho!

Black and White Nails

I'm excited to use them more and get used to them. They remind me a bit of my Berry Wine Winstonia brushes, and those are always out of stock. So we will see after a bit more use if they are dupes or not.

Black and White Nails

Well that is it today! I hope you have enjoyed this post and the video review. If you shop over on Beauty Big Bang be sure to use 25PEAS for 10% off your order! Also just in case you didn't know they do have free world wide shipping which is nice! As of right now I would definitely say these are good beginner brushes. Not to pricy so it would be nice for people to start with and give them a chance to fall in love with nail art before paying a lot more for an expensive brush! :)

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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