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Envy Lacquer Sugar Scrub

 Hey there everyone! Hope you are having a great day! Today I have a hand care post for you! When I got the new Envy Lacquer Line, The Mermaid at Sea, I also received this sugar scrub so now after about a week and a half of use the results are in and I am gonna give you all of the details!

Envy Lacquer Sugar Scrub

So this is a new "Scrub Envy" that is a Sugar Scrub that will be releasing I believe at the Indie Shop/August 2nd when the new polish collection also launches. Its scent of Ocean Mist and its a lovely fresh and clean scent. I'm not sure how else to describe the sent other then fresh and clean. Its really nice, and I feel like its a scent most will be ok with. It's not over powering so after you have been done using it the scent calms down and its just nice.

Envy Lacquer Sugar Scrub

I have been doing a lot of filming, and swatching for pictures; therefore I have been using a lot of remover and I tell ya after 6 different polishes that are kind of dark your fingers need a nice treat! This has been my go to, and wow! It works!! First up I will tell you how the container tells you to use it, and then how I do it. ;)

Using Dry Hands or a spoon take a nickel size amount, add a little water to your hands and scrub. The more water you add the less exfoliation there will be. Rinse off and dry hands. 

I do all of those steps however after a big swatch session or if I just feel like being super thorough I will use a little nail brush to just ensure I get every bit of my fingers, and even under my finger nails!

The overall weight of this product is 6.5oz so you are in fact getting a lot of product! Its filled to the very very top too! I mean I have been using it a lot lately too and as you could see in the open picture its still super full!

Envy Lacquer The Mermaid at Sea

Well that's it for today! This should be launching on August 2nd along with the polishes shown above! :) However if you are attending the Indie Shop in California these will be there!


Happy Tuesday!

~25 Sweetpeas


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