Fourth of July | Watermarble + Tool Review

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Fourth of July Water Marble Nails

Hello there everyone and Happy July!!! To start off the month I have patriotic nails and a nail art tool review! So this should be a fun post, so lets get to it!

Fourth of July Water Marble Nails

I was recently given the chance to test out some products from Beauty Big Bang which is a online retailer that has all types of beauty products. So I picked out a few nail art items and just received them so I thought it would be nice to show them to you as soon as I used them. The first item I decided to try out was the water marbling tool. I have never had the best of luck with water marbling, so I thought anything could help.

Beauty Big Bang Water Marble Tool

I would say it worked much better than a bobby pin, or a tooth pick. You can get an idea of its size in the photo above. It was easy to keep a hold of while pulling the paint in the cup with out covering up what you were doing. It was the length to a typical paint brush. How you see it above is exactly as it comes as well. Its a good weight and overall I was impressed. Did it make me a water marbling guru, nah! LOL, but it really did help! Its $5.99 on their site, which I would say is pretty good. Ya'll can find it here. Also if you find yourself shopping on their you can use 25PEAS for 10% off your order.

Serendipity Nail Polish

Polish wise I'd always heard it was good to stay within the same brand of polishes if you were wanting to water marble. That being said in the past I'd always found Serendipity Nail Polish to work really well so I used only Serendipity for this look. Since there are so mani I will group them in the lists below.

Watermable Nail

Blue -  We Run this Beach
Red -  Big Red Bow
White -  #Goaldigger

Blue + Star

Blue -  We Run this Beach
Stars - Acrylic Paint

Glittery Nail

Silver - Midnight Kisses
Chunky Holo - Holo-day Lights
Small Holo - CaLOVEfornia

Fourth of July Nails

And thats a wrap! Hope you all have enjoyed this post! I'm actually really happy with this mani which never happens when a water marble is involved! :) This one tho, is one for my personal record books! LOL! Maybe that tool will provide a turning point in the water marble department!

Happy July!

~25 Sweetpeas


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