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Taylor Grosse Art

Hey guys! Welcome back to an Artist of the Month post! This month we are going to be seeing some amazing art by Taylor of Taylor Grosse Art I actually saw her art a a festival last month and really loved it, she was super nice and oh so talented so you know I just had to ask her to be an artist of the month! That all being said lets meet her! 

Taylor Grosse Art

Hey everyone, I’m Taylor Grosse. I’m an artist and illustrator currently living in the Sunshine State (aka Florida). I have been making art for as long as I can remember. Seriously, my mom still has a painting of a bunch of cats that I made when I was five. Anyway, the style of art that I currently make was developed pretty recently. With the stresses of college, I needed a creative outlet. I hadn’t been consistently making art for my first year and a half of school, and I found myself with a lot of anxiety. So, I found a sketchbook lying around and started drawing. I began combining shapes and lines to create patterns, and I really enjoyed it. There was no right or wrong way to do it, so I could just focus on drawing without any pressure to “get it right.”

Taylor Grosse Art

Since I figured that out, I realized that I love patterning. I expanded that knowledge into mandalas and other interesting symmetrical shapes. This style of artwork is great because every piece is different even though I have a similar process for most of them.

I usually work in pen and ink, but I also love watercolor. I sometimes incorporate watercolor into my patterns and mandalas. But other times I like to start out with paint and then go in and add details with pen after. I find that keeping things abstract gives me more freedom. It keeps me from focusing on how accurate things are because each piece is its own unique thing.

Taylor Grosse Art

I am so excited that my artwork is something that others can enjoy too. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving. My drawings and paintings give me calmness and enjoyment, and they give others excitement when they can hang them in their rooms, or look at them on my website or social media. I love that others are taking something away from something that has helped me to grow so much.

I have a couple of fun projects coming up in the next couple of months so check out my social media for updates!

Instagram: @taylorgrosseart

Thanks so much for being the Artist of the month Taylor! I LOVE your art and love seeing your posts in my feed on my Instagram! Hope to bump into you again some time. Be sure you all go check her out on her Instagram and check out her shop. So much talent, now I want to go draw! Ha, I should probably stick to painting. I totally get what she means as a creative outlet and as a way to just escape, I think a lot can relate to that when it comes to artists and people who are creative! What do you think? I hope you all enjoyed this post! I will talk to you all tomorrow! 

~25 Sweetpeas


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