Digital Dozen | 5th Birthday | Day Four

Digital Dozen

Now we are back to the Birthday celebrating. Today I have a cake and a 5 candle on top! Lets check it out!

Digital Dozen

This mani was loosely based off of Coewless on Instagram. Her Birthday mani was amazing and way out of my league but the concept kind of helped me come up with this look. I used OPI Getting Nadi on my Honeymoon as my base and it was perfect!

Digital Dozen

For all of the details I used acrylic paint and freehanded it. It really was fun, plus its happy. There are some areas on the cake I think I would of done differently if I has been thinking but I believe I was only half thinking while doing it and the other half of me was reading/listening to the news. LOL, that sounds so unlike me but this past month sure has been something else.

Digital Dozen

Thats it for today! Hope you are having a nice day. This post has been written ahead of time but as soon as I get a chance I hope to have a post up for you with ways you can help the areas that were devastated by Hurricane Irma.

Talk to you later!

~25 Sweetpeas

This post was written on Sept 7th


  1. That cake looks good enough to eat - so realistic! :) This is such a sweet mani (pun intended!). haha

    1. You are just so punny! <3 Thank ya, these were my favorite to do this week!

  2. Perfect freehanding and the colours make me so happy!

  3. This is such a sweet look - you picked the perfect colours!

  4. Your details here are perfect! Wow! You have such a steady hand!


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