Hurricane Irma | How to Help

It was just a few weeks ago when I was watching Texas being hit by Hurricane Harvey and sharing links with how to help. Now I am sitting here once again starting up another similar post. This time its a bit more personal. Hurricane Irma just came through and destroyed so many places. From the islands in the Bahamas all the way into Florida and even Georgia and boy did it make its mark.

I'm sure you have all seen the photos of the destruction Irma created. I have been looking at all of them for days and seeing areas that I frequent and love yet they look so different. We initially thought it was going to come up the East coast of Florida, then it was straight up the middle. Then it was the West Coast of Florida. It was continually changing but the whole state of Florida. I think the Monday before it even hit people were prepping and it was just one long intense week for sure. Its a good thing people were prepared too because the whole state got it bad. Our area actually got it worse than we thought. If you want to see photos from all of the areas affected The Weather Channel has a good slideshow put together HERE. I haven't had the chance to go out and really take any photos yet, but if/when I do I will share them if you would like!

Now below I have a list of places you can donate and ways to help. If you want to help from a far some of these sources are really good, also be sure to check out your local news stations and see if they are doing anything. If you are in a city that was affected its basically guaranteed you will be able to find ways to help via your local news stations. I know ours here are taking donations in the form of cleaning supplies and non-perishable foods. Also water is a great thing for people because many are still with out power and many cities still aren't getting grocery shipments so another things to keep in mind. Also as I see good sources/ways for you to help I will be adding on to this list! Most of the links below should help with all Irma affected areas but there are also many that are exclusively for Florida, you can check the specifics. Also if there is a specific area in which you want to help you can look into that for example if you want to help The Keys you can look up United Way Florida Keys and you will find an exact places to help that area.

One Blood may be in need in some areas, you can check here

I will be keeping this list up to date as I find more resources! :) Sadly the destruction caused by Irma will not be gone quickly but the people of Florida and the amazing volunteers from all over will get things done!

~25 Sweetpeas


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