Makeup on my Nails + Fall Nail Art VIDEO

Makeup Up Nail Art

Hello there! Wow, so its officially the first weekend of fall! To celebrate, because I have finally decided I'm ready for legging season, I have a new video for you! 😀 Not just any video either, its one I have teased on IG a week or so back, and its different which I am guessing you can tell that by the title already huh?! It was so fun to do and I LOVED the outcome so I just had to turn it into a video to share. Now enough chatting lets get to how I used EYESHADOW on my nails! 😏😉

Everything you need to know on how to create this look is in the video! I will show it all to ya, and I think you will be surprised as to how simple it was. Plus they eyeshadow part was quite fun. Oh and the clean up on the look was really nice. No remover needed, really all you need it water! So check out the video.

Makeup Up Nail Art

For this look I used Zoya Willa as my black polish. On top of that I put on my INM Clear Bond Base coat. Now you may be wondering why did I put base on top of polish. Well.... That base coat is really tacky which is good. It gives you a surface that the eyeshadow will stick to. If you don't have a sticky base to apply on top, you have to do it while your black polish is wet which means you have to work really quickly. However with the sticky base on top it will stay stick even when dry and allow you more time to apply your shadow. ;) So now that, that is all explained I will quickly give you a step by step overview!

Now as for what eyeshadows to use.... I would suggest using old ones that you don't use any more or cheap ones that you don't use all the time. ;) If you don't have any, but want to do this look you can always find some inexpensive ones at Target, Walmart, or TJ Maxx. I chose to use some old ones I had from Forever 21. I used to use them all of the time many years ago and then they kind of just stopped staying on my eye and I wasn't loving them so they've just been siting around. I don't believe they are available any more but I'm sure you can find colors like I used if you like them! ;) Now you maybe thinking do all eyeshadows work? Well that I don't know. I think you are going to get the best result with metallic/foil like shadows.

Fall Nail Art

1. Apply your normal favorite base coat let dry.

2. Apply your black creme polish let dry.

3. Apply your sticky base coat let dry.

4. Use your finger and lightly dab on the eyeshadow. I started at the top of my nail and worked down. If this stage gives you any finger prints don't work about it. They will do away as you go on.

5. Wipe you finger off and now apply your second color to the bottom half of your nail. I found it helpful to have a little piece of paper towel beside me while working to quickly wipe off my finger I was using to apply the shadow.

6. Apply your favorite top coat.  *** I did not have any pigment from the eyeshadows on my polish brush afterwards so I don't believe there was any smearing. I was using Essie Speed Setter Top Coat.

Thats it then! You now have a fun eyeshadow gradation on you nails!

Fall Nail Art

Now if you want to continue on to the art I used black acrylic paint and a small nail art brush to paint on the design. You can see exactly how I did ALL of that in todays video. I really hope you guys enjoyed todays post and the video! I had so much fun working on it, and I really enjoyed this look and how it came out. Would you wear a mani like this for fall? There are so many color combos you could use too! I love it! If you do decide to recreate this look please post in on IG and tag me or Tweet it to me, and maybe I will just feature it at the end of my next video! :) Thank you so much for stopping by today and checking out the latest post over here on 25 Sweetpeas, hope you are having a great weekend and I will talk to you soon!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. How clever! Eye shadow as a pigment for gradients! Love this mani and I totally have some eye shadow palettes that don't get enough love that I want to try this out on now.

    1. You should! So fun and simple! Plus great for the shadows you don't use anymore!


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