Pantone Fall 2017 | Polish Guide

Pantone Fall 2017 Polish Guide

Hey there guys! So today I though I should just start the dive into fall! For something a bit different I thought it would be fun to bring you guys a polish guide for fall. As you all know Pantone always comes out with a "Color Report" for each season which is then what many go off of for their colors that year. So today I have used the fall color report and found the perfect polishes for the season! Lets take a look!

Pantone Fall 2017 Polish Guide

First up here is a look at all of the colors together. This year I feel like the selection of colors is quite diverse. You can see the fun swatch photo that Pantone has here. I feel like the majority of the colors are ones we have seen in years pasts. The ones that stands out to me is this Olive like green. I wasn't sure I was going to like it, but its becoming my favorite of the bunch! So enough chit chat lets see what polishes I have found that you can use for this fall season Pantone colors! Plus I will have the links you can find them in stores! ;)

Pantone Fall 2017 Polish Guide

1. Essie - Double Breasted Jacket*

2. OPI - I'm in the Moon for Love (Can't Find an Online link but can be found in stores)

3. Deco Miami - Don't Call Me Baby Girl

4. Maxus Nails - Adored

5. Zoya - Sailor

6. OPI - I Can Never Hut Up*

7. OPI - Is that a Spear in Your Pocket*

8. Julie G - Eden

9. Sheer Lust - Bubble Blue

10. Urban Outfitters - Flushed N Blushed

For * polishes you can use 25SWEATPEAS for 15% off.

Pantone Fall 2017 Polish Guide

Here is a look at the cool toned colors. I feel like all of these will work all year. For a matter of fact 2 of these were from a Spring Collection! The navy blue has been my go to Navy for years. The green one is the newest and is from a new 2017 fall collection! Someone was paying attention!

Pantone Fall 2017 Polish Guide

Now to the warmed toned colors! I actually do enjoy all of these, and have for a bit. None of them scream fall besides the Urban Outfitters one so if you decide to get any of these you will just have a polish to use all year! None of these are super trendy either. For example that Maxus one is just a good nude, and the Deco Miami is just a fab year around baby pink with a slight hint of lavender.

Well that is it for today! I hope you have all enjoyed this post! It was SO fun to create. If you would like more seasonal posts like this let me know in the comments below please. :) I hope you are having a fabulous day and I will talk to ya'll later!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. I'm an olive lover so I'm quite excited its popular this Fall. Great round up and reminder to shop our stashes!

    1. Me too! I was all about Marsala but the Olive Mossy Green is one of those colors that people say is good on me! So excited to have a reason even more so to wear it!


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