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Zoyas Kisses

Hello there guys! Guess what!? I have another new post for you today as well as a new video. 😀 Tomorrow, December 15th, Zoya is releasing a new collection and it is called Kisses. It contains 3 pastel jelly polishes and with those you also get a topper, so lets look at all of that!

Zoya Vickie

Vickie + Leia
3 coat(s) of Vickie, accent Leia is 1 coat

A pale great with a lavender undertone. 

Zoya Vickie

As one would expect these all have a very jelly like formula. This one I will have to say was the thinnest though. After the first coat you can barely tell you have anything on. That being said the 2nd and 3rd coat really help and build it up to full coverage. It goes on really nice and easy. The polish was easy to work with.

Zoya Vickie

Leia is gorgeous on top of Vickie. The pink/purple in the topper really show through and even the green makes an appearance.

Zoya Libby

Libby + Leia
3 coat(s) of Libby, accent Leia is 1 coat

A muted pink with a lavender undertone. 

Zoya Libby

This one is much more milky than Vickie and more goes on with each coat for sure. It was an easy to use formula and I had no issues applying it.

Zoya Libby

The topper basically just looks good on everything as you are probably already noticing! It just picks up all the colors and really brings the jelly to life!

Zoya Princess

Princess + Leia
3 coat(s) of Princess, accent Leia is 1 coat

A bold medium pink. 

Zoya Princess

This one is for sure the most pigmented polish of the 3! Its a stunning pink. It is however a bit dustier in person. The photos actually make it look super bright but its not. I did notice this one being a bit runny. You have to be mindful of how much you have on your brush. In the video there is a clip where I put this on and I just had to much on the brush so after applying it to the nail it all ran to the sides. I almost left that clip out but I figured it would help you guys see what I mean verses me just trying to put it into words. Ha!

Zoya Princess

The lavender in the topper really shows up when you wear Leia on top of Princess! Plus when you wear these you get Princess Leia! Hehe, how clever of them. (pssstttt.... and its releasing on the Star Wars release day! hehe! )

Zoya Kisses Live Swatch

Overall for Jellies I was quite pleased! I am looking forward to creating some pond manis with them, especially after the holidays. :) I mean there is a pink that would be perfect for some hearts don't you think?

These polishes will release on December 15th online the links below will take you to all Zoya places! :) Then they will release in stores/salons in January 2018!


Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. That topper is amazing! I can see it really making ANY color just a little more awesome!

  2. Very pretty colors and I really like them with the topper on, but jellys is not my thing so I think I will pass on these.


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