How To Make Your Own Sports Team Polish

Jacksonville Jaguar Nail Art

Hey ya'll! Welcome back! Today is a post dedicated to one of my to Favorite city ever, Jacksonville. Many people really don't get how much I love it, and its probably never going to be able to put into words. Anywhoooo moving on! The NFL Playoffs have begun and the Jacksonville Jaguars are in! I feel like even if you don't follow football, most still tend to pay attention to the Super Bowl if not for the game then for the snacks, commercials, and half time! So I have a fun way to get your nails ready!

Jacksonville Jaguar Nail Art

For these nails I used a custom made polish! Penny Bloom Polish has a custom section on their site and there is an area in which you can  create different team polishes. They have options for all sorts of sports but in all honesty if I am going to watch a sport its going to be Football. The fact our city has a team and they have great colors totally helps too! :) You can see it in the above photo. It is the glittery one! You have the option to but it in a black or white base but I went with the clear to make it a topper.

Jacksonville Jaguar Nail Art

Here I have it layered on top of black polish! Plus I have a new video up on Youtube right now that you can actually use to see me walk you through the process of ordering a custom polish like I used. I used the Jacksonville Jaguar one as an example but they have options all 32 options for all of your NFL teams! As you can see I also kind of went all out on the art! I was kind of crazy but was also having a lot of fun so I just kept going. I filmed the Jaguar print and the glittery nails. :) The lil Jags logo I didn't film because my hand was in all sorts of weird and wonky poses to get it right! Ha!

Jacksonville Jaguar Nail Art

It was fun to paint tho! Plus it you stand far enough away and squint it kinda looks like their logo! LOL! Now ya'll ready for the polish list of what I used?

Black | Pretty Beautiful Unlimited - Black Out
Gold | Serendipity Nail Polish - Glitzy Gold Champagne
Teal | Urban Outfitters - Good Vibes

Custom Glitter Polish from Penny Bloom! Below is the list of the items I put in the polish in case you want to make it the same way!

Turquoise Holo Flakes
Black Holo Hex
Gold Holo Hex S
Black Metallic Squares M
White Dots Small

Jacksonville Jaguar Nail Art

Well that is it! I hope you all enjoyed this post! I loved creating it because it was getting to support something I like because well I love this city. Ummm, have I said that enough! Ha and I'm not actually directly in Jacksonville! ;) Let me know if you are rooting for any certain team this weekend, or if you want to make a polish for your favorite sports team.

Go Jags!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. These have come out really well. I'll go check out this custom polish site :)

  2. So pretty! I need to surprise my husband with some sports manicure :)

  3. Inspired from Sports season & your love for the city ..great post ..I enjoyed reading it


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