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Hello there guys! Hope you are having a nice day. Its been gorgeous weather here, but I've been to busy and not feeling well enough to enjoy it. Spring has come early for us and I think that combined with Flu season really is just taking everyone down. Anywhoooo trying to get some happier vibes via my nails.

So when you are all sniffly it turns out, its pretty hard to do your nails because they are wet all while you are also trying to use tissues. Quite tricky. Ha, so the best solution was some quick vinyls with a quick dry top coat.

So for this I used a black polish, Pretty Beautiful Unlimited Black out. Then I used a Whats Up Nails Mermaid Vinyls. On top of that I used Nails Inc Mermaid Parade. I reviewed it earlier this week. You can check it out here. I'm in love with that mermaid duo.

Well guys thats it for today. I hope you have been having a nice day and I will chat with y'all tomorrow.

~25 Sweetpeas


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