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Hello there! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. This weekend I had an idea to do something a bit different for the blog and instead of just having this idea I did it! Today I will have a mani to share but we are actually going to focus on my Top 5 Hand Scrubs at the moment. Its winter which means we can all use a lil extra hydration plus I mean who doesn't like a lil at home spa like treatment right?

Nail Care

In addition to this blog post  being all about hand scrubs I have included a video as well. Its just a fun lil sit down look at the product about it and chat about it as well. I thought it would be fun to hear/see it in a more in-depth way than just photos so that is what today's video is for. I hope you like it. I'm still trying out new things when it comes to these types of videos but I love it! :) Also these aren't in any particular order per say, I use them all equally I would say. 

Envy Lacquer Hand Scrub

First up we are looking at Envy Lacquers Scrub Envy Ocean Mist Sugar Scrub! Its not currently available, but if/when I see it I will let y'all know in some sort of way! :) Its a very what I would considers a concentrated scrub/ Meaning its pretty solid and will take a lil to get it out. Once you get get out what you want/need you then add the water and it becomes soft on your skin and scrubs really nicely. I use this one often with a lil nail scrub brush. Scent wise its just very fresh and clean which is nice. I feel like even those of you who might be scent sensitive would be ok with this one.

All Mixed Up Lacquer Hand Scrub

Next up with have this seasonal one from All Mixed Up Lacquer and its called Peppermint Fields Hand & Foot Scrub! I LOVE it! It's my winter/Christmas time go too! Its so soft and I just scoop out what I need with a lil plastic spoon that came with and I love it. As you can tell probably from the fact you can see through the container quite a bit! :) This exact sent is not available at the moment but there are other scents and they are on sale for I think $2! So if you want to try it you can!

True Blue Hand Scrub

Moving on to the True Blue Spa 60-Second Manicure Hand Scrub from Bath & Body Works! This one is just for your hands but realistically it would still work say on your arm or feet! It is a bit on the goopy side and I would say it a medium grit. You can work it into a lather for sure. Its really nice and was probably on of the first scrubs I owned! Its another clean scent, but clean in a citrus way. I can't really pick out one citrus and say a certain one but it overall just seems citrus-y. Also this one is available as select Bath & Body works. Apparently not all sell the True Blue Spa line, at least thats what they said one time when I asked.

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub

This is such a "indulgent scrub". This one is different from the rest too. I would consider this a full body scrub and I love it for that and for my nails. Its by Tree Hut and this is from the Shea Sugar Scrub line! This one in particular just smells SO yummy, hence the "indulgent" bit! ;) You can get this at various places but I know Ulta tends to always have a wide assortment! This is a much bigger grit than all of the scrubs but its doesn't make it any less nice. I love it, plus if you use it in the shower your whole bathroom starts to smell like a bakery! Ahhh :) Sounds nice right? Also this is a very large scrub in my opinion and its only $7.99 so even better! :)

Zoella Pretty Polished Sugar Scrub

Next up and lastly I have the newest scrub that I have been using! This is Zoella Beauty Pretty Polished Sugar Scrub. Its been tricky to find her things here in America but Target now has a nice range available and they recently added this scrub so you knew I had to splurge! :) Its such a soft scrub! I have only had it for about a day or two so obviously I haven't used it a ton yet but when I did I LOVED it! My hands felt amazing plus it just smelled amazing! It reminds me of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue which is just a lovely scent! Very fresh and just pretty if a scent can smell pretty! LOL! :)

Valentines Nail Art

Now just for something fun I wasn't really thinking of sharing nails in the post but I have decided to go ahead and share some V-day Nails with ya! I recently did these for a Pretty Beautiful Unlimited FB Group even so some of you may of already seen them. The pretty pink is PBU Romantic Embrace and the nude it Maxus Nails Adored. Then the black was just me freehanding art! :)

Valentines Nail Art

Here is one last pic just for fun! I kinda like how they came out kinda not! Ha! Anywhoooo! I hope you enjoyed this more nail care/hand care like post! I really enjoyed mixing it up and changing the focus a bit today. What did you think? Shall I do more things like this? Any specific areas of nail care you would like for me to cover in a new post soon? Let me know!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. Fun post & video! I love scrubs - it was great to hear your experiences - and see them with the lid open. ;) Currently I'm using two sugar scrubs that I'd recommend you try if you're looking for more - Vapid's Kona (my most favorite) and KBShimmer's Peppermint.

  2. The tree hut sounds like it makes a great scrub.

  3. I've not tried any of these scrubs although I've used many others. And definitely keep adding in whatever makes you happy! :D

  4. I was happy to see 2 indies in there! :) yay small businesses!

  5. I also was happy to see the indies in the list. I need to try a hand scrub.

  6. I've been a huge fan of Tree Hut lately so I'm really interested in checking out their scrub! I'd love to see you do this with cuticle oil or hand lotions too!

  7. I remember how miraculous I thought the 60 second manicure scrub was when it first became available. A few brands made it but I haven't seen it in a very long time. Love the manicure you just posted. Hearts!!!!

  8. I'd buy the Zoella Beauty just because of the packaging lol. They all seem like great options!

  9. $2 for that All Mixed Up scrub? I might just have to try that one.

  10. I would definitely try the Zoella one but my sugar scrub stash is ridiculous right now.

  11. I've never tried any of those scrubs! I will have to put some on my wishlist asap!

  12. I adore the scent of light blue so if it smells anything like that I think I would totally love the Zoella one!

  13. I love the Tree Nut Scrub!!! Your mani is adorable!!!


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