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Beautometry My Mani Box

Hello and welcome back! Today I have a fun and different post to share with you, its a long one too so lets get ready! Today I have a peek at the "A Wrinkle In Time" My Mani Box that Beautometry released! This box was really fun so I will show you what was in in and what you can expect from future boxes. If you would like to see all of this in video form you can on my Youtube channel! :)

Beautometry My Mani Box

This box Included: 
Girly Bits - Quantum Leap
A England - The Most Happy
Galaxy Water Nail Decals
MoYou Minimal Stamping Plate
MoYou Scifi Stamping Plate
A little pot of silver foil for placement

I am really loving the polishes that are in this box and both were new to me brands which made it ever more fun! Before I get to the reviewing part of this though I thought I would go over how this "My Mani Box" works. Its basically a nail fanatics subscription box that one can order from month to month or months at a time. Here is some more information on how it works!

Box Information:
Pre Orders for each box will be available from the 20th of the current month - 19th of the next month! 

The next box is shipping out on the 20th of MARCH and it's theme is “LET THE SUNSHINE IN” a SPRING themed box! 

Address changes can only be made until the 19th (so the day the pre-orders close) 

Quantities are limited so it will be a first come first serve. We have been selling out within 2 weeks the last 2 months 

 New themes will be announced on the 20th of each month 

 Customers can purchase a 1 month (stated price), 3 months ($2 discount each month), 6 months ($3 discount each month), 12 months ($5 discount each month) subscriptions. The 1st month of each subscription (including 1-month subscriptions) will be charged as soon as it is bought. For additional months in a subscription will be auto-billed on the 30th of each month (for example December box will be billed on December 30th).

The box will cost $35.00 monthly plus $5 flat shipping to anywhere in the US and Canada (not open internationally yet).

 The box will have a monthly theme and contain the following:
-2 MoYou London Stamping plates
-1 nail stamping accessory
- Additional nail product(s)- can range from 1-3 additional items

If you are interested in checking out more things related to this box you can HERE.

Girly Bits Quantum Leap

Girly Bits
Quantum Leap
2 coat(s)

A navy based polish that is packed full of scattered holographic glitters, a purple shimmer, and flakies of various colors. 

Girly Bits Quantum Leap

This polish as you can tell is just stunning! Its so intense and packed full of color. The formula was amazing. Perfect application in just two coats and it went on so nicely. Its just SO pretty and I can't over how much is going on in it honestly. Its just stunning.

Girly Bits Quantum Leap

The flakies in it aren't super noticeable, they really only come out on the brush every now and then as you can probably tell but they are there! :)

Girly Bits Quantum Leap

This polish is just majorly packed though and as you move your fingers its appearance changes rights in front of your eyes. Its what I would describe as a peacock in a bottle because its got the blue look, the teal look, the purple look and then speckles of every other color!

Girly Bits Quantum Leap

Here you can see a bit of its cobalt phase. Excuse the weird pose and skin tone! Ha, the things we do to capture that color shift!

Girly Bits Quantum Leap

Then here is the purple phase! Ahh, its just so pretty!

A England The Most Happy

A England
The Most Happy
1-2 coat(s)

A royal purple scattered holographic. 

A England The Most Happy

This polish is amazing! The formula was a dream. Its basically a one coater, if you do really thin coats you might need too but if you do what I would consider average you will probably only need one coat.

A England The Most Happy

It is such a lovely royal purple and the scattered holo in it is just stunning. Its like the perfect amount of not too little, not too much, overall just perfect. Its a lovely polish.

A England The Most Happy

I love the bottle too its so pretty to have out on display as you will be able to see below. The tricky bit was capturing it in photos, the mirrored li really wanted to wash out the photos which made the photos most difficult in all honesty, but still.... Its a beauty!

A England The Most Happy

See isn't the bottle pretty? I sure think so! :) Now on to some art!

MoYou Minimal Plate

Next up is this look I created using the Minimal Plate that was in the box. I used Color Clubs, Harp on it, holo to stamp the design on top! It came out pretty neat I think. Very holo filled for sure!

MoYou Minimal Plate

Talk about being eye catching! Ahh, these sunny days sure made this mani pop! I really enjoyed the flashy nails in the sunlight for sure!

MoYou Minimal Plate

Another photo of this look! Now moving on to using the foil for a fun dotted look!

Purple Silver Foil nails

So the little silver foils come in a little pod and you can use then in all sorts of ways. You can shred them into smaller little shards and use them for a placement OR you can use them in their bigger form and cover a full nail like I did. I put black on underneath and then put on a stick base coat to get the foil to adhere. After that I decided to top it off with some purple dots to bring it all together which I really liked actually! It was fun and different!

Beautometry My Mani Box

Well that is it for today! I hope you have enjoyed this! The swatched, the box info, the art and the video! The video has the unboxing AND the swatch bits, plus a closer look at the plated so be sure to check that out! :) Let me know which polish was your favorite in the comments below!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpeas


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  3. Wow, this is a really cool box!! Both polishes are gorgeous!

  4. I'm going to think about subscribing. I think I'd love a nail art box.

  5. That's a fantastic box! I love the theme of it too!

  6. I love this box and that A England....WOW!!! Love it!!!


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