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Its gonna be May... ;) Ha, really though, tomorrow May will being and you know what that mean. That means the Polish Pick Up will be this upcoming weekend! This month's theme is the 90's so it should be fun to see what pops up! Today I will be sharing photos of what Baroness X will have available, so lets go!

First up they will have a new Acetone Antidote that is actually part of a "duo" because it comes with the Rad Cleanup Brush, which y'all can see in the above photo! :) The brush as you can see it multicolored and feels really nice to touch/hold meaning it has a nice weight and just feels quality. The brush is made of synthetic bristles too so that is nice to know!

This one is called Be Kind, Rewind! It has a citrusy sour candy scent and its really nice. Not too citrusy, not too sweet just a great mellow scent that will really even out once in you acetone.

This duo was inspired by Sour Patch Kids and VHS! ;) Who else remembers those?! I was born in the late 90's so I feel like I don't qualify as a "90's Kids" but at the same time I feel like the early 2000's and 90's kind of mesh in the means of music/TV/tech! Wouldn't you agree?

As I mentioned earlier those two items come together for $7.75 and the product will be capped at 250!

Recommended Use:
Add the entire vial to 6-8oz of acetone. You can add more or less, these are just suggestions for optimal scent and protection from acetone. Once the AA is added to your acetone just shake the bottle once to mix it each time you change polish. There's no need to keep shaking during the removal of a full mani with our formulation, it will stay blended long enough to remove your polish.
The cleanup brush is made with synthetic bristles.

Next up Baroness X will also have some really pretty earrings available in this months Polish Pick up.  These were Inspired by the oversized Surf Style ("Interplanetary Body Gear") duochrome windbreakers of the 90s. These will be available for $11.50 and they will be capped off at 95.

Now here is a bit more about them that you all might find helpful and also give you a little back story on how Baroness X came to be! :)

Description:These stainless steel, anti-tarnish coated 13mm stud earrings have painted glass cabochons set into them. There are iridescent flakies of various colors (mostly pink to green) and pegasus pee (shifting teal to blue/indigo to purple). The earring backs have a plastic comfort backing as well. These will come wrapped in a black box and mtching iridescent tape for gift giving.
As with most non precious metal jewelry, treat them with some extra love if you would like to have them for years to come. Typically they will stay beautiful for much longer if you do not wear these in the shower or a pool, etc. Though these are stainless steel so when the coating does eventually wear off they are meant to resist rust, corrosion and tarnishing.
Baroness X was pretty much born out of demiflux, demiflux is where I started playing around with pigments and polish base and discovered the indie polish world. Before I knew it I was mixing my own polishes to make jewelry, that eventually turned into making polish for others!

There is an up close look! Ahh, there is so much going on in them wouldn't you say!? Very pretty!

Well guys, that is it for today, I hope you have enjoyed this post and hopefully you are now a little more prepared for the Polish Pick Up. It starts May 4th and goes until the 7th. If you don't know anything about The polish pick up you can check out more here. You can currently go on the the Polish Pickup Site and even make a wish list to make the initial release day easier for you! :) I think thats such a nice feature! You can also join the Facebook group to stay up to date with all of the thing! Check it out here! For other things from Baroness check out their site here.

~25 Sweetpeas 


  1. Ohh, Sour Patch Kids are my favorite candy!! It might be time for me to place my first PPU order haha!

  2. I like putting the Acetone Antidote in my clean up dish during heavy swatching!


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