Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 1

Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 1

Hello there! Hope you are having a good day! So a while back you may remember that I wanted to start a Newsletter. Turned out that plan was a bust! However in place of that and my want to branch out and just chat with you all I am going to start a post called Sweetpeas Picks that will come out weekly or every other week! :) I'm excited about it and feel like I have mentally wrote versions of this post all of the time. Not only will it be fun for me but it should also help you find some new blogs,  music, places and so on! So lets get right into it! I think for the most part these posts will have minimal photos but also I do kind of just have fun with it and change it as we go, so keep on reading and let me know what you want to see from this post!

1. Its been so nice weather wise but also really limiting! Like gorgeous mornings warm and hot, and then afternoon-ish its like a switch is flipped. Major thunder, scary lightning and rain. Like I get NWS alerts and its been like clock work lately. Also just a quick tip + reminder for anyone heading to the beach this summer, soon as you hear the thunder... Get to the car! Its not something to mess around with. The photo I used in this post up top was actually taken this past week at the beach and shortly after we could hear rumbles in the distance so we headed to the car! One thing I can totally thank the storms for tho are the amazing cloud watching sessions its given us! LOL, seriously tho! I follow a ton of local accounts on Instagram and the pics have been amazing! I loved this one.

Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 1

2. Yellow is on trend right now!? Like I wouldn't of ever guessed that one! I think a lot are surprised about it too! I mean I love yellow in its place but this is like in clothing and nails! I loved Jules post on Deco Miami about yellow and that yellow polish of hers is pretty! I have like one yellow polish in my collection that I actually love tho and it came out this year. Do you remember what it was? Here is it to refresh you!

3. Ok so Youtube. I love Youtube, does it have flaws? Oh yes! What "social media" platform doesn't? (Although Do you consider YT a social media? Im really torn on that. ) Anywhooo lately there has been a lot of buzz about its algorithm and it really discouraging people and so on. Understandably so too. Lots of "large" Youtube have even been speaking up about it which has been nice to me. For me not matter what I will keep with it, I love it. Love watching people, and I love creating videos! I recently watched THIS video that Eleventh Gorgeous put out and totally agree. I actually really enjoyed their video too, I mean I love all of their videos but this one really just made me shake my head in agreement.

4. I love reading blogs! Like I feel like sometimes people follow people on Instagram and forget to visit those people blogs too but I genuinely try my best to do so! Blogs are so neat and fun ya know? You get to not only see pretty photos but you also get to know the people creating it all. One of my faves right now is Helen In Between , How Sweets Eats, Jackie Montt and so many more!

5. Instagram... Ugh I have such a love hate relationship with Instagram. I can say I recently started following Marine Loves Polish and I am just in love with her photos. They are like photo goals!

6. Mentioning of photos! I think I am doing to try some new things over the next so many weeks. I feel like I need to change things photo wise. I mean I love what I've been doing and I am happy with it but also I feel like there is always room for growth ya know? Plus I want to get to the point where I feel like I can post what ever I want on Instagram ya know. I feel like here I can do that, but Instagram stinks these days so.....

Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 1

7. This week was a pretty good music week! The 5SOS CD came out on Friday and we got the Target version with 2 extra songs, and might I add its totally worth it. :) I've never liked one of their CDs in its entirety but this one is so good and I like all of the songs! Also can I just say it was kind of great to go and get a tangible CD! Its been a long time because most artists I listen to aren't one that have CDS that actually hit the store. So now I just sit watching for it to hit midnight on my phone to buy new music whereas on certain CDS in the past I would head to Walmart at Midnight to get a new CD! ;) Now tho not many places even have CDS its sad! The new DNCE is pretty good too! One of there their new songs, Still Good, gives off a Shania Twain Vibe meets One Direction Better than Words.

8.  I've gotten to that age where when I hear a song I can pick out old ones in it! Its kinda fun!

Well guys thats a wrap! I am now off to work on a fun top secret project that I am really excited about, and I kind of feel like working out so I might do that too! Oh I lost my Fitbit tracker for like 15 minutes, It was intense and kinda had me freaking out! Now that its back in my possession I feel better tho, and now am just thinking about all of the steps I would have gotten while looking for it! Ha!

~25 Sweetpeas aka Sarah


  1. What an awesome idea!!! I love learning more about bloggers and hearing what they love!

    1. Me too! Hopefully these will just be fun lil chatty posts!

  2. I had my fitbit off last night while I did a foot soak for the baby foot peels and lost my mind for about 10 minutes trying to find it. I love love this post, it's fun and chill and chatty. Very much so enjoy the format :)


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