Sweetpeas Picks Vol 5.

Sweetpeas Picks

Time for another Sweetpeas Picks, I am totally enjoying these, I look forward to working on them and get all excited about it. Especially picking out the cover photo! LOL, seriously tho!

1. Hearing more and more about what plastic straws are doing to the ocean/ocean life and it definitely makes you rethink the whole straw thing right?! Totally impressed with Starbucks right now, and excited that within 2 years they won't have plastic straws! I'm perfectly fine with using the sturdy reusable kind or none at all. People use their "hot beverage" reuseable cups so might as well do the same if you need a straw right? 😀

2. Ok so since May there were about 4 CD's I was excited for. Two being ones I was super excited about and the other 2 were kinda just mediocrely excited about. They are all out and and its so weird. My favorite ones were the ones I was only mediocrely excited about and the other two were honestly kinda let downs. Its really interesting! Maybe I had high expectations for those but I don't know! Kinda interesting! Also props to all the musicians keeping all instruments alive! 😍 Also so much respect for drummers, I've tried.... and epically failed and can't keep any beat going LOL!

3. So even tho the 4th of July was just like a week ago stores are starting to be taken over by that yellow for you know what and Ugh, time to avoid all stores! However I will say so far what I have seen from Target's new Yoobi  line they are gonna have some super cute things, and well I love notebooks for blog planning and taking down story ideas! Might just have to snag this one.

4. Do you follow The_NailGuru on Instagram? Oh my I'm so obsessed, her art is amazing, like seriously!

5. Oh my! So I saw something I hadn't seen before this week and that was the Painted Fingertips doing SOAP bubble nail art! Like how cool! Seriously you need to check this out here. The Queen of drip marbles is playing with soapy nails and its so neat! 😃

6. So loving the Coconut Lime Verbena Cuticle Oil from Pretty Beautiful Unlimited.  I talked about it earlier this week here and I just put it on as I sat to write this so its freshly on my mind!

7. I kinda want to read Morgan Matsons latest book, Save the Date! Has anyone read it? I've read most of her other books and all of her books as Katie Finn! (I didn't know it was her at the time tho! LOL)

8. Oooo, while we are talking about books Zoe Suggs Cordially Invited looks so lovely! Has anyone ever  ordered from Amazon.uk like how does that work? I hope it will hit stores here but I know that others like that haven't but also at the same time her others did make it here so idk!

9. I've only ever listened to like one podcast before and it was like just for 2 nights but I recently listed to a few episodes of At Home With... which is my Anna from The Anna Edit, and Lilly Pebbles.  I really enjoyed the ones I did listen too! It also ended up in my reading the descriptions of some of Giovanna Fletchers books and ummm, they need to be movies! Like we are seriously lacking in the chick flick categories right?!

Well guys that is it! Hope you have enjoyed the random banter and I can't wait to see what y'all say, I feel like there is always fun convos on this post! Also since I didn't talk about it, the photo! That was taken a week or two ago in a Florida State Park called Washington Oaks. There are 2 parts to the park and this was the garden side! Isn't it gorgeous!? Ahh, so pretty!

~25 Sweetpeas AKA Sarah


  1. What a fun post! I look forward to reading more of these.

  2. That cuticle oil sounds fantastic! And I too have to stop myself from buying school supplies (mostly fun pens) when I go the stores.


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