Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 12

Sweetpeas Picks

Whoa, we are on to Volume 12 of the Sweetpeas Picks post! That seems crazy, I feel like I just started this weekend posting like last weekend, but also not at the same time, because I miss summer like so bad! Anyway though, this week was the first official week back to whatever the new normal and I'm happy to just be writing a blog post!

1. So I don't usually do those "trendy" apps but I went ahead and got Huji and its kinda fun! I was telling my brother about it and we then started talking about how we remember when we'd go on a big vacation mom would always get each of us a disposable camera to use for the trip and now that seems crazy. Being limited to like what 25 pictures. Ha! I was like "how did I decided what I wanted to use my limited pics on" he said he couldn't and thats why he would only come home with 2 photos! LOL! Who else remembers those problems? I have to say I love having unlimited photos on my phone! Ha, well whatever I have space for!

2. Ok so music, tomorrows blog post and video have a lot involved in it! Its a faves video and then on the blog there will be music inspired art which I had a lot of fun creating! Anywhooo while I was painting last night I watched THIS interview of 5 Seconds of Summer and I really liked it. One of the best I've seen without repetitive questions and I feel like the answers were quite good. Meaning not really what you would expect but when you hear them you just like shake your head and say, yeah I get that!

3. The #31DC2018 has begun and a good handful of people I love to follow are doing it so yay! Excited to see what everyone does. I did it a few years ago and have so much respect for those who are participating again this year! Here is a quick lil list of some who will be doing it that I know of right off the top of my head!

Polished Lifting
Olivia Jade Nails
Polish Those Nails

4. Guys the Cupcake Polish Pumpkin Spice Trio is releasing tomorrow and its so pretty! I had a lot of fun creating graphics for the blog post I did for it too! Did you see it here?!

5. The song I like a lot by The Driver Era finally came out on iTunes this week! Its called Afterglow and its really good! Check it out here.

6. Since its the start of September here is the playlist I had for August and will be listening too most likely for the rest of the years! Its best played on Shuffle, I put them in all willy nilly! :) Also just putting it out there, I don't listen to explicit songs. If there is one that I like that is, I edit it out once I have purchased the song. :) And I do buy a ton of music, I mainly use Spotify to find even more artists and then I go buy it all on iTunes! :) I do love the playlist options in Spotify tho, because its so share able!

7. If you are looking for some OPI Peru swatches Red Head Nails posted some lovely ones on her blog this past week! Check it out here

8.  Guys my friend Kerry go the Painted Fingertips is having her 5 year Anniversary and has gotten to create some beautiful polishes with some brands she loves for the occasion, and they are lovely! You can see them all on her blog and enter the giveaway! Be such to go check out the celebration!

9. Ok one more music thing! The Imagine Dragons Natural?! I actually really like it even tho I don't usually care for them because they get over played, but I really like this new song at the moment. Its angsty. LOL! The other day on one of my IG posts I chatted about how I play different music for different things. So like if I am doing something I'm not a fan of I will never listen to a song I love. I have to find my in-between music. When I get frustrated with something I usually school/project related things I turn on Twenty One Pilots for some reason but now I could see this song being in that same realm of things! Weird I know, but it works!

Well guys thats it for today I think! I have lotsa planning, editing, and writing to work on so off I go! Also quick question for YOU! What blogs do you guys read that are personable. Ya know like ones that have good reviews of things but aren't just strictly reviews ya know? I love it when there is a blog that you read and not only do you feel like you are learning good info on a product but also getting to know the person behind the blog. Maybe its from random real life info within a review blog post, or maybe its having a sprinkling in of posts like these! I always love when you read a blog and feel like you are chatting with a friend, so if you have any suggestions let me know!

~25 Sweetpeas AKA Sarah 


  1. Props to everyone doing the 31 day challenge! I don’t think I could ever!

    1. Right?! I did I think before I was blogging, or maybe once while I was but it was like one pic and lil info! I don't know how people do it!

  2. I picked up the Cupcake Trio today! Sadly most of the blogs I followed for chatter plus makeup and nails have closed down - that used to be the mainstay of old-school nail blogging and you are bringing it back! Throwbacklacquer has some fun chats about hunting down the stuff she features.

    1. Yay! Its so pretty isn't it!? Thats such a bummer, I feel like many get stuck thinking well no one is reading. I get that some times too but there is always a chance so might as well give it a go! I do like her posts! They are fun! He most recent one had 2 of the 3 first Zoyas I even got in it so that was fun!

  3. I already told you that I love these posts, but I still love these haha! I went ahead and followed you on Spotify, but haven't had a chance to listen to the playlist yet. I'm intrigued by this lovelytheband that you keep talking about! Also, thank you so much for the mention <3

  4. I also have a ton of respect for those that san do a 31day challenge. I always want to join in on one but have such limited time I'd need 3 months to prepare and even then I'd probably fall behind.

  5. I tried a few years in a row to do the 31DC but always failed so not even trying this year

  6. I’d love to try the 31DC but I know I would fail after 2 days! Ha


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