Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 13

Sweetpeas Picks

Hello there, how is your weekend going?! Mine has been really productive actually and I plan on that continuing through out the day. So much to do so little time but now its time to chill and chat with you!

1. So you know when you discover an older song and then listen to it on repeat and suddenly it takes over as one of your most played songs? Ha, well by old I don't really mean old I am thinking its about maybe 3 years, hold lemme look! Ok 2015, so yeah I was about right! Its called Outerspace / Carry On and its by 5 Seconds of summer. I never really listened to it nor put it on my phone because its a 6 minute song, but I really like it. Plus I love the sound of the ocean as the middle and then knowing the Carry On part was actually recorded outside in front of the ocean I just like it better. Also have I mentioned I am obsessed with the site Genius, I use it for looking up song lyrics and finding out who wrote what! I love it.

2. Well while on the topic of music. A little while ago in my searching on the site I mentioned above I discovered some cool thing! So basically I was looking at the song credits of songs I like. For instance I always tend to like songs written by Alex Gaskarth. Like a while back I found a band that I liked but one song stood out, turned out it was written by Alex, that has happened numerous times and its kind of cool. Anywhoo so after some more looking into songs I like I ended up finding a lot of connection in songs/songwriters I like. It was kind of cool! Also it was neat to see how all of my fave musicians were connected closely. It was like super exciting when I found it all because well y'all know music is me. Like its a must, all of the time!

3. OK so its time to address the photo! So you are probably wondering what in the world the thumbnail pic is for this post so lets answer that! This week when we were at the beach we saw a Porpita Porpita which is what you are seeing in the photo. AKA a Blue Button. They are similar to a jelly fish but they are not. Obviously I kept my distance and didn't get too close but it was so neat to see in person and just look at the coloration! I should have videos it but I was in the water and was making sure it did not get to close. * Might I add it was in a tide pool and the tide was coming in. :)

4. I'm really enjoying seeing people #31DC2018 manis! This week I LOVED this mani by Buff and Polish. Between fluid nail art look and all of Polished Lifting's I really want to play!

5.  So hurricane season is in full swing which is kind of why I have been so busy trying to get things done ahead of time. With so many things brewing out there ya never know what will happen. Last year at this time we were dealing with Hurricane Irma which is crazy to think that was a year ago. Many people are still being affected by it and I feel like many don't realize that. There are still areas recovering and places closed because of the damages it caused.

6. What did you guys think of this fall nail art? Any looks you want to try?

7.  As the seasons change I decided to add some new boards to Pinterest that you might want to check out. THIS one if for fall nail ideas, and THIS one is for Halloween Ideas.

8. I feel like yes the calendar says Summer but the fall baked goods are arriving which makes me want THESE cookies again!

9. THESE are SO good! Its like a white Reese in a bar format! I made them a few weeks ago but they didn't really fit in a 9X13 so I made them last night and used a 9X9 and that worked perfectly! Also who else loves no bake desserts?!

Well guys that is it! I hope you are all having a great weekend and I will see you back here tomorrow, and just a heads up, its a big ole blog post releasing tomorrow so be ready. Actually all of the posts this week are rather on the larger side! Ekkk, I best get busy, I hope you enjoyed this weeks Sweetpeas Picks!

~25 Sweetpeas AKA Sarah

Song : Epitaph
Artist : Hippo Campus


  1. Oh I love your sunflower nails. I can’t wait to do some soon!

  2. Your sunflower nails are perfection!!

  3. I'm so glad you liked my mani, thank you Sarah. It was fun to paint :)

    That Porpita photo is so cool. They're such random creatures. And stay safe through hurricane season - those things can be beasts (and take years to recover from).

  4. Love the mani by Buff and Polish... your post gave some serious inspirations :)


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