Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 14

Sweetpeas Picks

Hello there everyone! How is you're weekend going? Hopefully its been nice, we've been having record breaking high temperatures which is weird considering next weekend Fall Officially begins. Any whoooo, its time for the 14th Volume of Sweetpeas Picks so lets get into it.

1. I am sure we are all aware that Hurricane Florence has really caused a lot of damage and due to it still sitting on top of the Carolinas its still hurting the area even more. Its always important to remember that no matter he category of the storm it can still have a massive impact. If you want to help you can donate to Red Cross Here. Also when you are out an about and checking out in stores see if they are donating. I know Winn Dixies have teamed up with Red Cross to help and you can round up your grocery total or add any amount and they will get it to Red Cross.

2. Really enjoyed this fun lil Movie post, I liked how she summarized each movie. Plus she really did cover all of the Hot Netflix movies at the moment, and for once I've actually seen all of the movies mentioned which is rare since I don't watch many.

3. That being said I make exceptions for movies I think will be good or have actors/actresses I like in them. Of course I gave Oceans 8 a try last night, but honestly eh. I mean I liked the over all thing, it was neat and clever. However it was a lot of set up and just felt like it was lacking something.

4. So this past week I had SOOO many blog posts up it was/is crazy. Did you read them all, oh and I had a video to go with basically every one as well. Needless to say I probably won't be doing that again because that was just crazy. However I might have a few more than normal this week as well. So many neat things are releasing and I am going to have all of the details.

5. What do you think about Fall Color Blocking?! I loved Coffee & Nail Polishes mani that she did. Check it out here.

6. Did you see P8NT released matte lippies!? They look really nice, especially Mulberry!

7. This post from Anna was great, a lil behind the scenes of the blogging world!

8. How cute is this fall living room. I love the lighter brighter take on fall. That is so much more me!

9. Its getting close to Christmas Movie time on the Hallmark Channel, like their are already previews and I am so excited, If we skipped Halloween I wouldn't be mad about it thats for sure! However fall movies are on now and I do like to watch them at night after I am finally done painting, ha! Last night I watched Love In Design and it was good actually. I quite liked it!

Well guys, thats it for today! I hope you are having a wonderful day and I will talk to y'all soon!

~25 Sweetpeas AKA Sarah


  1. I don't want to skip Halloween but am looking forward to the Hallmark movies. Even if they all have the same plot. Lol

    1. Right?! LOL! Only on the normal Hallmark Channel too! The Mystery channel has too many sad stories!

  2. I totally agree with you. Oceans 8 was missing a certain something...cleverness? Something. We watched in 2 weeks ago. I watched a Christmas movie today! LOL

    1. Maybe! A lot of set up too! I was with family while watching and only 2 of us stayed awake soooo!

      ooo! I wanted to watch Elf no one else did! LOL!

  3. Noooo, we can't skip Halloween! It's like the only time that my usually black wardrobe and dark makeup, don't make me stick out haha. Also, that's kind of a bummer about Oceans 8. I was looking forward to seeing that.

  4. No skipping Halloween movies! They are lifffeeeee

  5. I may be in California now, but I lived for years in North Carolina and still have friends and family there. It was a stressful weekend and I’m still waiting on any kind of update from some people I know in badly affected areas.


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