Sweetpeas Music Files Vol. 2

Sweetpeas Music Files

Hello and welcome back and to my favorite type of post! Its time for Music Files Volume 2, and I couldn't be more excited. I even made a spread in my Bullet Journal for the list of the songs I've been loving this month. I did one over the summer and I loved it so it seemed fitting to do it again. However this time I went with a Halloween sort of vibe and had a lot of fun! Plus I hid song titles in the different parts of the drawing which was literally one of my favorite aspects of the page!

So lets chat about music! What came out this month that you liked? Or what new songs did you find that you liked? I actually found quite a few, all of which you will see in the playlist later on. Some new, some old.


COIN is back and YAY! There is a new song out called Simple Romance which I have been loving since I purchased it, minutes after it was on iTunes. Yeah I'm one of those people that stay up till midnight for music releases because thats just who I am. I can't wait to hear the other new music they have been hinting towards because they are one of those trustworthy bands ya know. One that when they say soon you can believe them.

With the new Bohemian Rhapsody movie coming out Queen music has been coming back! First we had Shawn Mendez doing Under Pressure and I didn't really pay much attention to that. Then this Friday 5 Seconds of Summer did Killer Queen, and that totally got my attention. Whoa!!! The fact they did all of the harmonizing and the instruments all themselves (as usual) just goes to show how they really are the definition of a real band, and I love it. The vocals were amazing as well. Needless to say I purchased that song as soon as it came out. Its really great and even the Queen fans I know think they did an excellent job, which says a lot!

So The 1975 has been slowing releasing new songs off of their new CD, and when they first started releasing songs off of it I didn't really care for them. Some of the songs were too.... Push Play like which I haven't listened to in literally probably 12 years.  It just really wasn't my style nor did it have the normal 1975 unique sound, granted it was still quite unique. However a week or two ago they put out a song called, Its Not Living (If its Not With You), and I really like it. Its more of the style I think everyone was hoping for. A bit more along the lines of Somebody Else from the I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it, album.

A new to me band that I found I like would be You Me At Six, I don't love all of their songs, at the moment anyway. But they released a new CD this month and I'm really enjoying Back Again. It has a happy upbeat vibe to things and I am really liking it. Also the cover for the Album cover is really fun and I want to turn it into nail art.

LANY released a new album this month as well. I really like the track Thick and Thin on it! There is another one I really like but it has an unnecessary word in it so I'm not going to be listening to that.

So what does everyone think of Twenty One Pilots new album Trench? I haven't really, really listened to it but I have heard it in the background and I think I like it. Its got that unique TØP sound and I love that this different style of music is being listened to by many. Also major props to them for all that planning with the hiatus, the clues and the aligning of the lyrics and just all of it. It was so thought out and neat!


No new nails in the tag at the moment to feature, but if you do any music inspired Nail Art be sure to tag your manis with #nails4music ! Also check out my Instagram today because I will be posting new templates in my story (which will be saved to the #Nails4music Highlight) for everyone to play with and use in their story

5 Seconds of Summer Nail Art

I did do a new music inspired mani this month that has turned out to be one of my new all time favorite creations! I did Valentine Inspired nails based off of the music video that 5 Seconds of Summer released for it. You can see the gif I created for it above! :) I am not a skull like person but with the instruments and the inspiration I just loved the whole process of the mani. You can learn more about it here


Music is just fascinating to me. I love everything about it, and I love being inspired by it. Often having a good playlist on makes me want to write, or seeing new album art, merch art, poster art, or just photos of the process can just spark creativity and thats so neat. Lately I've been really inspired by different things like you can probably tell. This time it was a music video as you saw earlier. I have another mani in the works that will be inspired by a single cover, and then I have a list of others to do when time allows. Its just so fun how art can inspire a different type of art and influence art of the future as well. Its so neat!

So Billboard has put out a lot of neat reads recently about different things that interested me and THIS article caught my eye of course but it was just so neat. Its basically about how the music right now in the USA is very hip hop oriented, and has dominated the charts lately. That being said they then talk about how many artists have basically just gone with it and kind of conformed to that style. However they mention the few outliers. Like 5 Seconds of Summer came back this year and even though they are far from hip hop they figured out a way to stay true to themselves but become relevant in todays music world. Matter of fact they hit number one and broke all sorts of records for themselves. Others they mentioned were Imagine Dragons, Panic at the Disco!, and Twenty One Pilots and how they have all stayed true to themselves but do really well which I think it really neat. This style of music is much more my type so I'm excited to see it doing well. Especially since its not really the popular type.


So here we have it the Playlist I am loving at the moment. Filled with all sorts of songs at that. I recently found the band With Confidence. and really like a few of their songs. If you were an Allstar Weekend fan when they were a thing you must check out With Confidence. The tracks, The Turnaround and Pâquerette (Without Me) remind me vocally and style wise of Allstar Weekend towards the end of ASW and the start of The Tragic Thrills. Even my mom who likes both bands hears it, actually I think she heard it the most and I was like WHOA YOU ARE RIGHT!

I know the Neon Trees song, Songs I Can't Listen To, is older but have you listened to that?! The lyrics just make you say YES. Like that song just makes so much sense!

So I don't often like many female singers for whatever reason, but the song in this list called Bad by Lennon Stella is so good, and catchy and irresistible.

About the Thumbnail of This Post

So I had SO much fun creating this spread in my bullet journal but had a terrible time photographing it sadly. So the photos aren't what I had dreamed/hoped for but I've been running on good luck with ideas for its about time that sting of good luck ended. Ha! But beyond the photos not working out I did love the layout of the page. It was really fun to draw and come up with the lil hidden gems. Like the letter in the mail box saying Talk Later which is in this months playlist, then the gravestone that says Death of A Bachelor. (Ha I should of make it neon! Then we would of had Neon Gravestones LOL). There the newspaper says Killer Queen. It was all just really fun for me!

Well guys that is it for today! I hope you found some new music to check out or just enjoyed this change in content. I love these sorts of posts! Don't forget to use #nails4music in any nail art music related posts also check out the new story templates on Instagram!

Happy Listening!

~25 Sweetpeas

Song : Back Again
Artist : You Me At Six


  1. Love the idea of a Bullet Journal, that is a great page you have there

  2. I am so looking forward to Bohemian Rhapsody!!! I have to see it in theaters!!


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