Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 19

Sweetpeas Picks

Hello there guys! Welcome back to another new Sweetpeas Picks post! I love sitting down to write these and am currently treating it as a break from my endless editing I've been doing today! Granted mid editing earlier I had an art idea so I stopped everything and just went and did it before I forgot it, and before I talked myself out of it. Oh and I can say I am quite happy I went ahead with it because now I can't wait to show you! Anywhooo lets talk about some fun things!

1. Ok THIS Apple Caramel Texas Sheet cake is quite good! It looked yummy on Pinterest so I made it and I really like it, and the cream cheese icing is PERFECT on it! I have a feeling I will have to make this again something.

2. COIN one of my top 3 Fave bands has a new song out and its so good! You can already guess this will be a topic next weekend in my new Music Files post! Ekk, so excited! The song is called Simple Romance and you can check it out HERE.

3. So I want to get better about using my other Instagram accounts. I love being able to scroll back and look at those pics that aren't nail focused but like I want to be organized about it. Weird, I know but I kind of want all of the photos to match or have a similar theme but them while doing that you feel limited. Sigh yeah I haven't figured out this dilemma yet, and its all my own doing but.... Ya know its like when you do a photo collage on the wall and you want all of the pictures to have the same color intensities and to match/flow to some degree? Anyone get what I mean?

4. How cute is THIS DIY Halloween Village! Like this could get me into Halloween! LOL!

5. Guys if you are looking for a fun nail art account to follow on Instagram You guys need to check out @Megtannahill her photos are lovely and the art is super cute!

6. I'm not an Apple Cider fun BUT that being said, the Trader Joes Honey crisp Apple Cider is amazing, and its back! I'm so excited! Its not really spiced which I am thrilled about and its just so refreshing. Like its the best part of fall LOL! (Not a fall fan)

7. The BBC Teen Awards were today and I'm bummed they aren't aired here! I do plan on watching what I can on Youtube because apparently 5 Seconds of Summer Opened the show and I mean you all know how much I have loved there latest CD!

8.  So our Digital Dozen theme this month was TV show and I did 2 manis but only one got posted, because other priorities came first sadly enough. Did you guys see the Friends nails tho?! I tried to do something not as predictable as the normal friends nails ya know?!

9. An eyeliner stamp? What do you think? I kind of want to try it! I love the marker like liner but they do not like going over my eyeshadow at all. They pick it up and then my blackest black eyeliner is more charcoal grey and eh, I want that deep black!

Todays thumbnail was created by me! Some of you may have seen the behind the scenes of this graphic on Friday on my Instastory because I was having a lil art session and painting on paper which was fun!

Well guys that is it! I have a few more blog posts to write today and lotsa photos to prep for the week so I best be going. Plus you know how I mentioned a spur of the moment mani that I did this morning? Well I'm really wanting to post it but also need to think about timing because well its not your traditional mani, and well I really want to present it in a fun way soooo.... I must think on this!

Happy Sunday!

~25 Sweetpeas AKA Sarah


  1. That Halloween village is so cute. The candy corn house!

  2. I tried the eyeliner stamp and totally failed at it. Not as brainless as they make you believe T__T

  3. I love the idea of the eyeliner stamp, but since my eyes are very hooded, I'm not sure it would work for me. The caramel apple cake, on the other hand, I am always down for!

  4. Girl!! This pregnant mama needs that sheet cake soooo bad!!


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