Sweetpeas Picks Vol 23

25 Sweetpeas

Hello there everyone, how are you on this gloomy 2nd weekend of 2019. Resolutions/Goals still going strong?! Yeah, not so much for me because this was the first week of getting back into non break routine so it takes a bit to get the usual balanced with the new, plus in general I'm not the biggest fans of the month of January! Ha!

1. Have you tried Popchips? The Barbecue ones are really good! I was surprised that I liked it as much as I do.

2. I am obsessed with Flutter from the new Cupcake Polish collection that comes out tomorrow.

3. Have you heard of the band, Overstreet? I think we need to keep an eye on them. Their first two songs are really good. I never know where to link you with a topic like this. LOL?! Twitter, or Spotify?

4. I read so many good blog posts this past week! It makes me wish there was a better blog reader out there to use on my phone. I guess I could try Blog Lovin' again but IDK, the commenting doesn't work as flawlessly as I would like and I would love to comment on blogs because I love that.

5. Are you familiar with Hayley Hall? I LOVED her post about "Why Blogs Aren't Dead..." . I feel like everyone has been so busy, because I don't care for the term obsessed, with Instagram that many have stepped away from blogs. Which is really sad, because as a creator yes you need things to do well on IG and drive traffic over to your said blog but its also about lasting content. You could have an amazing "story" on IG but that's not going to last forever. If you have something on a blog and it can be searched and referenced for ages thats amazing. Instagram isn't as accessible in that respect. Ok I shall stop we can save that chat for another day! Just know you need to check out her blog post! So good!

6. While on the topic of good blog posts, I loved Corries' of the Dizzy Brunette, Hello 2019 post. Her approach to Instagram YES! Basically her post was like the last straw in my debate of doing something different.

7. Do you follow Zoe Sugg on Instagram?! I saw her survey/poll that she did in her stories this week and WOW! I was surprised yet not surprised by that results. Also it was just very eye opening to say the least and makes me wonder what you think! Do comment/like photos on Instagram? Do you follow for the content or because you like the person? Do you actually look at photos, or do you spend most of your time on stories? Do you watch stories with sound? Basically all of the outcomes were the opposite of what you would hope. Ha, no one comments/likes which I think we all have seen in our posts, and apparently people only care about stories. So yeah that was interesting.

8. I'm so over this weekend,  I have a list of fun creative things to do but really this gloomy weather is just killing the creative vibe.

OK lets chat for a moment. You are probably thinking ok you are talking about Instagram a lot. Yes I am, and honestly I think its because I feel like its the one platform I am not 100% happy with. I'm super happy with the blog and Youtube right now but IG has just lost its fun. After so much nail art in the month of December I totally saw that everyone loved the return of art. So I want to do more of it this year, also I want to feel like I can post what ever image I would like. I would like to post a bit of something non nail related here and there along with all of the swatches, because I actually LOVE sharing swatches, and swatch videos are so FUN! So really once I get caught up I'm going to have some fun again, and apparently no one looks at the images anymore so.... Ha! What do you think?

One more really quick thing! What are your favorite personable blogs? Meaning ones that get creative with things, and have personalities in their text, and just make it a fun enjoyable read. Those are my favorites! Ok guys that is it for today, off to try and get out of the gloomy sky funk that the weather had controlled! The photo in this post was one I took last weekend at one of my favorite places. :)

~25 Sweetpeas AKA Sarah


  1. Agree with you completely on the decline of blogs... especially the ones that do have that creative spark, interesting subjects, personal opinions, and pretty photos -- all easy to go back to again and again if you want. I miss them, the ones that have disappeared!! I think Instagram is just easier for people to post on, it's quicker, and of course more superficial unfortunately. I enjoy your "Picks" posts because they incorporate more than just product placement, we see a little of your personality shine through.


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