10 Valentine Nail Art Ideas

Valentine Nail Art 25 Sweetpeas

Happy Valentines Day! Today as a lil off of schedule post I thought it would be fun to round up some of my favorite Valentines Nails from this year and the past! Hope you are all having a wonderful Valentines day no matter what you are doing!

Valentine Nail Art

1. Love Letters

One of my favorite Valentines designs I have done to date. It was also currently being featured on Country Living here. If you want to see the original blog post you can here.

Valentine Nail Art

2. I Avo-crush on You

Punny, avocado nails why not?! Ha, I never filmed these because its pretty hard to do this sort of art on camera but there is a blog post here.

Valentine Nail Art

3. You're Just My Type

I did these last year I believe. Yep, just checked! It was really a fun mani, to do. Check it out here.

Valentine Nail Art

4. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

This was a new manis this year, and this year I did a lil video series on Youtube and this was a part of it. You can watch here.

Valentine Nail Art

5. Abstract XO's

One of my new favorite abstract manis, its SO easy but looks so satisfying, you can check it out here.

Valentine Nail Art

6. Simple Dots

Sometimes in a rush you just want something quick, and what's better than a dotticure. I finally found a little trick to the dots, which is here.

Valentine Nail Art

7. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

I don't eat chocolate, but I'll wear it on my nails! Ha!! These were really easy compared to what I expected. Funny story, I was looking for strawberry nail art ideas, and came across my own design from years ago, so I recreated it and it was much easier. So now that it's easy, there is a video here.

Valentine Nail Art

8. Watercolor Hearts

So easy, and in this design imperfect is perfect! So easy, video tutorial here.

Valentine Nail Art

9. Arrow Nail Art

These nails are a bit more bold, and could be used in other seasons for sure. Its fun and easy. This was also from this years video series, here.

Valentine Nail Art

10. Heart Shaped Air Balloon

Wasn't sure how this design was going to turn out but I really like it. I did get this on camera here. Check it out here, funny story I had to film one part numerous times because I forgot to turn on the camera. It was a late night!

Well thats it for this! Hope you have found sometime to try in the future! 

Happy Valentines!

~25 Sweetpeas

Valentine Nail Art


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