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Hello there everyone! How are you?! I hope you are having a nice day! Today I am actually putting up a bit of a bonus blog post, with two videos as well. :) Moon Shine Mani is releasing a few things tomorrow and I thought it would be a good idea to show you all of the photos first, so let's take a peek.

In this post we are going to take a look at some new polishes that are available to everyone, those consisting of 2 Looking For Group Add On's, and then the other being a top coat. After that we then have a look at this Month Facebook Group Exclusive, which will be the very last polish in the post! :)

25 Sweetpeas Moon Shine Mani

Barrens Chat
2 Coats

A wheat-colored crelly base filled with gold shimmer, and a combination of gold and bronze micro flakies and red/copper/gold/green multichrome flakies to evoke a comforting prairie landscape.

25 Sweetpeas Moon Shine Mani

This is a neat shade, I would almost call it a dijon mustard yellowy shade actually because on me it definitely pulls a bit more yellow. The shimmer of golf is lovely in it and I love the darker flakies as they give a lil contrast. The formula of this polish was great, it was crelly feeling when applied and covered perfectly in 2 coats.

25 Sweetpeas Moon Shine Mani

25 Sweetpeas moon shine Mani

Dark Iron Destiny
2 Coats

A subdued medium gray cream with a violet undertone and red/copper/gold multichrome glow, and is scattered throughout with red/bronze/copper multichrome flakies. 

This is a smokey grey that is quite neat, I have to say I most certainly do not have anything like this in my collection! With the red flakies sitting in the grey and pull a red/orange and magenta tone it looks really neat. Oh and for some reason every time I wear it I think of Iron Man? Something about it reminds me of Iron Man movies apparently.

JUMP - Lets Go! Quick Dry Top Coat

Scent Described as : Toasty, rich coffee swirled through with a spoonful of creamer.

Ok, so lets talk Moon Shine Mani Top coat!? Last month I actually got one, but it came late so I never got a chance to chat about it with you which I do apologize for. That being said today we will talk about last months, Escapade, and this months, JUMP! Last months was/is such a tropical like scented one, major notes of coconut and I'm obsessed! Then this months, JUMP, is a Coffee Scented one and Whoa! It does smell like coffee with a splash of creamer just as Phoebe described. Its so nice to put on as a topper after a coffee scrub, and a coffee lotion, and hey why not drink a cup of coffee too! :) Both of these top coats are fabulous on. They do dry quickly, the wear extremely well, dry very shiny, and the scent is great and lasting.

The top coats are available for $7 each, and she's introducing a new scent every month. That being said I don't know how long each scent will be around, but from what I have seen Escapade is still around if you want to grab it! 

Moon Shine Mani Frooot Looops Soothe Criminal

 Moon Shine Mani Frooot Looops Soothe Criminal (Acetone Additive)

About : Condition your nails with our custom blend of moisturizing oils when you're ready to change your manicure.  This month's scent will bring back memories of another morning ritual, Saturday morning cartoons with a bowl of your favorite sugary cereal.   Just add half of our 1oz bottle of acetone additive to your 6-8oz acetone container, giving everything a little shake to combine the Soothe Criminal with your acetone and you're ready to go.  

Moon Shine Mani now has Acetone Additives! I have yet to use this one yet, as I already have an additive in my acetone at the moment but I can't wait to try it! Going to put up another bottle of acetone next time I'm out! If you aren't familiar with Acetone Additives, they are what you can put into your acetone bottle to make the remover less drying to your skin and nails! I love them, plus more often than not they are scented and then make your nails smell good. This is another thing MSM will be releasing monthly with a different scent and this month is Frooot Looops Soothe Criminal, and its meant to smell like fruit looks and it does! Like exactly like them, and now I think I want some?! LOL, I can't even remember when I had them last? I was never a cereal girl, I only really liked cereal dry soooo. ;) I bet those would be good in Rice Krispie Bars! Hummm, ok back to polish! 

25 Sweetpeas Moon Shine Mani

*Facebook Group Exclusive*
Blueberry Ice Queen 
3 Coats

 A pastel neon lavender crelly, glowing with red to violet to blue shimmer and pink to indigo to blue iridescent flakies.

25 Sweetpeas Moon Shine Mani

This is this months Facebook Group Exclusive so you must be in the group to grab this one tomorrow! If you aren't already in the FB Group you may join here. This polish is lovely, depending on what you are wearing, what lighting you are in you see it a bit differently. Personally I get a periwinkle vibe more often than not, but then at other times its more lavender. Either way its a lovely polish. It needs about 3 coats, and has a lovely shimmer and flakie that really layer nicely in those 3 coats. If you want to check out the video for this polish you can HERE. This polish will be available until April 22nd to all Facebook Group Members.

25 Sweetpeas Moon Shine mani

All of these polishes/items are releasing on March 22nd in the Moon Shine Mani shop linked below! If you would like to see the first two polishes live swatched you may HERE. Well guys, thats it! I hope you have enjoyed seeing these polishes and hearing about some new Moon Shine Mani things! I am LOVING the new top coats, and I highly suggest you try one. Fun Fact, my mom has been having a hard time getting her polish to last and she loved Blueberry Ice Queen so she wore it and paired it with the new top coat, and it last for a week, even with house work ya know dishes/laundry/cleaning/being creative! She was most pleased, and she's tried a lot lately and so far this one is winning! Wooo!

~25 Sweetpeas


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