Sweetpeas Picks Vol 27

25 Sweetpeas Picks

Hello there and welcome back to a Sweetpeas Picks! This weekend has kind of flown by and yet not everything on my wish to-do list is done soooo. We will see how that goes, but hey at least a Sweetpeas Picks is going up, which I've missed when I didn't get to do one last weekend.  Yesterday was spent standing out in the rain, and then coming home and having a headache. Today started out looking stormy, but now it's pretty and all sunny, who knows what's going on with the weather.

1. So the pic above is a lipstick that I am really liking from Defy & Inspire. It did a wear test this past week, and it didn't last forever, but four hours and having eaten, and a fair amount of concentrating you could still see a bit so that's fine by me. Sometimes I don't want a lip thats going to last 24 hours. Plus this lipstick is a creme and didn't feel drying or anything which was nice. You can find it + more colors here

2. If you are planning on seeing Captain Marvel THIS mani is perfect! And if not you can save this idea for the next Wonder Woman because it would so work!

3. Ok have you seen the Perfect Subscriber tag on Youtube? Amanda, Fashion Footing, did it and they were such good questions, and now I want to do it too! I might add it to my list of videos to create. You can check hers out HERE.

4. So I don't know why, but I'm so into abstract nail art lately, and differently styled nail are photos. Like THESE, love them!

5. Did you SEE the new ILNP collection? Sugar Rush! Like OH MY! Its beautiful. Thats all, just look here. (be prepared to drool on your screen) Its on sale too, but... working towards updating my iPad sooooo. 

6. If you ever want to be inspired photography wise and nail wise at all you MUST check out Franzi on Instagram @franzi.fri just so pretty, and inspiring. Obsessed, and can you say "goals"?!

7. Oh and why we are talking inspiring Instagrams,  do you follow ToxicVanityBlog on Instagram? If not you should, her are is WOW, and her swatches are beautiful. I love how clean all of her photos are. They are so pretty.

8. Colourpop + Zoella!? Really enjoying that collab and I'm so tempted to snag that shadow palate. I wonder if it will make it into Ulta? I love being able to buy make up in person! 

9. Today is Birthday is Dixie's birthday so I actually made her a Birthday treat and she seemed to enjoy it. I used THIS recipe in case you are looking for a doggy treat recipe thats super easy. We only have one dog so I cut the recipe in half and it still made way too many for her. Ha! I mean if she had it her way, I'm sure she would eat them all but.... :) Pssst, always check a recipe to make sure it will work for your dog breed. I'm super careful about that, I see so many recipes with bananas for dogs, but Dixies breed says that banana can upset their tummies so I stay away from that. :)

Well guys thats a wrap! I hope found something interesting in this post! I'm off to work on tomorrow blog post + video! So many pretty polishes coming towards your way this week, and I have so many art ideas for upcoming weeks!

Talk to you soon!

~25 Sweetpeas


  1. I enjoy your Picks posts tremendously -- I appreciate all the work you put into finding great ideas and inspiration for your followers. Thank you! <3

    1. Aww so happy to hear that! Sometimes I do wonder if others like them. They are probably one of my favorite sort of post to write so I'm so glad to hear that! <3


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