Sweetpeas Picks Vol. 28

Hello there and welcome back! How is everyone?! Hopefully you are doing better than me, been under the weather and not feeling 100%, which is a bummer because I have a million things I'd rather be doing and some of them I need to have a voice for soooo. But anyway its time another Sweetpeas Picks.

1. Ok so this is like a week old, but the Jonas Brothers are back. I will say I've enjoyed the James Corden week, but I'm not majorly into the comeback. What do you think of the song? I mean I like it, but I don't like need it. I prefer DNCE music.

2. I'm working on a... hummm I don't know what to call it... we will just say something exciting, and I'm really excited for it!

3. If you are near a Winn Dixie, you MUST try the Prestige popsicles. I'm obsessed with them. The Pina Colada, and the Strawberry Pina Colada flavors are amazing. You get so much REAL fruit in each bite and I just love it! I'm really sad that the Strawberry Pina Colada flavor is on close out. So go check your Winn Dixie ASAP for that one. I think they are like $1.99 for the box of 6 which is goooood!

4. I'm currently waiting on Blueberry Lemon Bread, and I'm starting to smell it and it smells good! The batter smelt amazing before so it only seems logical that it would smell good now too! I've never made any sort of bread before, granted this is more like a cake loaf bread, but.... Its a first. Hope it tastes as good as it smells! I'm using this recipe form Glorious Treats. I love food blogs! Sure we have tons cook books in the house, yet I still just look things up on Pinterest. :)

5. Right now Zoya's sister company, Smart Spa has a 3 for $30 sale on their sugar scrubs! I'm working on getting up a video about them but my great plan was to film is on Friday and I literally couldn't talk, soooooo that didn't go as planned sadly. Hope to make it happen this week tho, but spoiler, I really like them. So many scent options too. I'll make a list of my faves soon but wanted to let you know about the sale! No code needed, just put 2 of the 7oz ones in your cart and it will auto load the deal! :)

6. How is you're weather? This week we went back to the 30s, I was back in sweaters but now I'm back in a tank top, and shorts. Ha!

7.  LOVE music inspire nail art and RuthsNailArt just did a Blink-182 mani and WOW! Check it out here.

8. Do you follow Emily, @Dimondsndprls on Instagram?! I've been loving her photos, and I was just reading some of her blog posts and enjoyed those as well!

Well everyone, I think thats it for today. Off to edit photos for the next few blog posts. Hoping I can do the audio for tomorrows video but If worse to worse it will be a swatch video with no explanation which I guess some might like, but thats not my style really soooo I don't want to so that, but we will see what comes about. :) Hope you are having a lovely day!

Talk to you soon!

~25 Sweetpeas AKA Sarah 


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